Let’s take a stance against work-related sexual harassment together

How many?

We all know one person who has been a victim of sexual
harassment at work. Indeed, the question is not who or even when but
rather how many. Forced kisses, sexist remarks, lewd texts, unwelcome
hugs, groping, or even rape happen everyday. To our
friends, to our neighbors, to our colleagues, to our
employees, to ourselves. Yet we live through it and even accept
it. Is it the type of society you want for yourself and for future

INSTANCES is a safe outlet for victims and bystanders to report sexual
abuse at work, anonymously, confidentially, and securely. Neither the
alleged perpetrator’s or the victim’s career is at stake. Our
platform identifies repeat perpetrators so that collective action can
stop them. Through community and support among victims, we believe we
can help build a safer, better society for everyone.

To do so, we have decided to use technology. Tech has become one of
the major driving forces, shaping the world we live in, leading all
aspects of our life to an extent that we cannot always control. At
INSTANCES, we have built a tech solution to lead social change, a
solution to empower victims of sexual abuse at work, and give them
back the control. We want to leverage tech to create a real change in
victims’ life. Our value proposition is simple: tech to end sexual
harassment. Tech to fight back.

INSTANCES is a team of women and men who have decided to help end
the epidemic. We build tools to help ensure that no one feels alone
when dealing with harassment.

This is our first stance to hold society accountable, to hold
harassers accountable, to hold employers accountable. We strongly
believe that by holding everyone accountable, we are working together
to prevent sexual harassment in the future. Because we need a world
free of work-related sexual harassment, let’s all take a stance and
build this world for future generations together.

If we want to report a case now, check out Instances at nomoreinstances.org.

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