Anthony Puntoriero
Jul 22, 2018 · 3 min read

My name is Anthony Puntoriero and I am the Founder and CEO of Instant Sponsor, a blockchain-powered sponsorship marketplace. In this blog post, I will explain the concept of sponsorship economy and how Instant Sponsor aims to revolutionize and enhance the industry.

For the past 4 years, I have operated Instant Sponsor as an independent agency connecting various sponsors such as Staples, Mercedes Benz with the rights holders ranging from teams including Dallas Mavericks, Carolina Hurricanes to events such as WTA, Shanghai Masters and athletes like Rickie Fowler.

During this time, I have noticed that the global sponsorship landscape is inefficient and labor-intensive, lacks data, has large barriers to entry and doesn’t allow sponsors/brands to capitalize on real-time branding opportunities.

Instant Sponsor goal is to address these challenges to provide efficiency, access, and value to both sponsors and the rights holders.

Instant Sponsor has developed and patented proprietary technology to seamlessly connect sponsors and the rights holders via a blockchain and smart contact powered P2P platform with the focus on:

  1. Shorter-term packages. Instant Sponsor takes what would be, for instance, a $2 million signage opportunity for a season of 82 basketball games and breaks it down into smaller more affordable pieces of inventory of 5 games and offers it to sponsors at a lower entry point highlighting a series of games best suited to that brand. The inherent capability of [instantsponsor] to break the traditional sponsorship model into sponsorship periods (individual games, matches or tournaments) thereby enabling sponsors to target specific time periods which will maximize their individual product-branding requirements at a significantly reduced cost as compared to traditional sponsorship methods.
  2. Just-in-time inventory format reduces ‘player/team form risk’ for sponsors. Using traditional long-term contract sponsorship formats, sponsors are frequently faced with the risk of a player, team or athlete not making it to critical televised stages of their tournaments/ seasons, disqualified, retired due to illness or injury or receiving a disadvantageous draw in the tournament play-offs. Conversely, the [instantsponsor] methodology enables sponsors to effectively ‘bet on the horse after the race has begun’ and direct their sponsorship budgets to carefully targeted events where they are guaranteed prime televised exposure of their brand.
  3. Transaction efficiency. The simplicity of the contractual process for clients using the [instantsponsor] website to procure sponsorships (i.e. by simply clicking on ‘Accept Terms & Conditions’) removes a significant barrier to entry of the traditional sponsorship methods which require complex player/agent sponsorship negotiations and corresponding contractual sponsorship agreements and legal costs.
  4. Broader access. The [instantsponsor] technology-driven sales platform significantly expands the potential number of sponsors/ clients in the marketplace and thus incrementally grows the potential pool of sponsorship revenues that can be tapped into.
  5. Focus on data and results. Our proprietary AI-powered algorithm effectively matches a sponsor’s target demographic with the demographics of the rights holder’s audience, enabling to achieve an outsized ROI. Our real-time democratized marketplace is data- and analytics-driven.

[instantsponsor] can comfortably coexist with the traditional large corporate sponsorship arrangements that underpin teams and major tournaments for a season. The concept has already received a very positive response from major sporting leagues and governing bodies.

Please join the official Instant Sponsor Telegram group for more news and company updates.

Instant Sponsor

Instant Sponsor is a blockchain-powered global sports sponsorship marketplace that seamlessly connect sponsors and rights holders via a blockchain and smart contract powered P2P platform.

Anthony Puntoriero

Written by

Founder and CEO of [instantsponsor], a blockchain-powered global sponsorship marketplace

Instant Sponsor

Instant Sponsor is a blockchain-powered global sports sponsorship marketplace that seamlessly connect sponsors and rights holders via a blockchain and smart contract powered P2P platform.

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