Instant Whiteboard Graphics Review — Free $12K Bonus

Instant Whiteboard Graphics Review — Exclusive $12ooo Instant Whiteboard Graphics Bonus for Free

Instant Whiteboard Graphics is a zero-fluff screenshot-filled PDF guide that will give you a ride into how to secretly find fresh contents for your whiteboard projects.

Product Overview:
Vendor: Dave J.
Product: Instant Whiteboard Graphics
Launch Date: 2014–11–26
Launch Time: 23:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27

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Instant Whiteboard Graphics Review

Instant Whiteboard Graphics is a comprehensive guide, where Dave will take you by the hand and show you how to get high-quality whiteboard graphics for less than $1.5.

Whether you are using an offline video creation software like Easy Sketch Pro and VideoMakerFX, or an online software like VideoScribe, you will certainly get access to a number of graphics that you can use right off the bat.

You no longer have to worry about making a miserable profit from a closed a deal, thinking how much you are going to pay a professional designer for each image you will need to use.

You are not limited to use these graphics with whiteboard animation software only. You can use them with any video creation software whether it’s PowerPoint or Windows Live Movie Maker.

You will also get to see Dave live going through the entire process. From searching for and finding a particular picture on the website, to actually using it in a whiteboard video software, so that you can rest reassure that this comes from his pure experience, and is not just some good idea that he dreamed about some time ago.

Dave over delivers in this guide. If you don’t already know, add on prices for images for new video design tools are ridiculously high priced. Dave shows you the easiest way I’ve seen to help you keep your costs at a minimum and all the ways you need to work with the images after you have purchased them.

After reviewing this product I have to recommend it to anyone who wants to use explainer or white board video makers to make video’s. I personally will use this to make video’s for myself and businesses. Dave also recommends some resources I also own on how to sell video’s for businesses which will also help you get into larger incomes these are not free but well worth every penny.

This is something you should NOT pass by. To my knowledge this is fresh information no one else has ever taught and will save you a ton of cash. Its a fun pdf easy to follow and worth it.

Whiteboard Video Resources

With the Whiteboard Video Resources, you will have a list of high-quality tools and information to which you will be able to refer to whenever you want.

Whether you want to purchase a quick whiteboard graphics bundle, or you want to switch to PowerPoint for creating your videos, or you are ready to start creating videos for businesses, but you don’t know where to start, these valuable resources will get you covered.

When you combine the classified source and these undeniable resources, you will have everything you need to become a pro in the video creation market without having to sacrifice all of your valuable time and money.

Now is the time to take it to the next level and leave the competition behind. Get your copy of Instant Whiteboard Graphics now before the price rises.

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Instant Whiteboard Graphics Bonus


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Graphics Warrior (Value: $47)

This amazing product contain thousand of marketing tools also it can HELP you easily creates unlimited “money making site” each with a highly professional graphics or, you can create your current site into a higher level once you get your look and professional design. Graphics Warrior is made especially for Warriors, and you could use it on your WSO sales letters to look a lot nicer and support your sales copy to obtain additional conversions.

Infographics Wealth Creation Expansion (Value: $15.99)

The statistics shows that graphics information is more engaging and lessens the bounce rate of a page. Because of that, this is also beneficial to a webpage’s rankings. If you want have high quality infographics, you can create it by yourself from scratch or outsource it to someone else if you are not good in Photoshop. The sad thing is that, this might costs you a lot of money hiring freelancers. But the good news is that, inside this package, you are about to have 15 high definition infographics in action.

Premium Retro Badges Pack 2 (Value: $97)

Create your own badges, logos and more with this brand new collection of Premium PSD Templates! Customize the layered PSD files to create 1,000s of different badge and logo variations or use the web ready transparent PNG files to create killer badges and logos without photoshop!


Bonus 1 — 30 Stunning Graphical Images for Websites

Want more graphical elements for your websites? Create more attractive pages with these 30 awesome looking images! We’re making them quite handy just for you to use with these 30 custom icons from our designers. Impress your prospects and clients further with these stunning graphics!

Bonus 2 — 9 Mobile Coupons

In the upgrade training, you will learn everything you need to learn about running a mobile service business. You will also learn about how to use Mobile Coupons — so we have already created some for your that you can offer to your clients for a fee that you desire. Limited copies.

Bonus 3 — Infographics That Will Surely Boost Sales

Increase audience engagement with out infographics! Our team researched the 5 most popular niches in the market and created very informative infographics that will surely get your audience hooked! Niches include Chiropractor, DUI Attorney, Fitness Trainer, Plastic Surgeon and Salon. It’s the ultimate giveaway to your clients.














Bonus #1 — Auto Video Creator (Value: $19.95)

You no longer have to limit yourself to boring Animoto style slide share videos just because you do not have the expensive software or technical skill to create speaking videos with great looking effects and compelling messages. Auto Video Creator is a simple desk-top software (Mac parallels compatible too) that allows you to integrate your own voice recordings (using a free tool, that we show you how to use) along with your own images and background music, so that you can create stunning, professional looking and sounding videos that you will be proud of. You no longer have to settle for making simple slide share videos that have no “speaking voice.” If you have ever made an Animoto video or a slide share type video, then you can absolutely use Auto Video Creator too. AVC is just as easy to use, but the results are far superior to just a slide show presentation set to music….Plus you will now have an actual transcript to upload to YouTube, which will give you a lot more SEO benefit than a video without a transcript. This is hands down, the easiest video creation software available today.

Bonus #2 — Google Plus Hangouts Mastery (Value: $17)

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Bonus #3 — Tube Ads Genie (Value: $37)

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Bonus #4 — Tube Frame Tamer (Value: $79.95)

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Bonus #5 — Video Pro (Value: $17)

Video Marketing ebook “Video Pro” looks into Video Marketing: Introduction, The Benefits of Video Marketing, How to Use Video In Your Marketing Strategy, 4 Steps To Creating Online Videos, What To Tackle First?, How to Use Video to Drive Inbound Marketing Efforts, Enter the YouTube nation, Valuable Video Marketing Metrics, Employ Effective Online Video Distribution Channels, How Emotions Influence Video Sharing, How To Use Video Contests, How To Make Your Video Stand Out From Your Competitors and Online Video Marketing Trends.

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Bonus #7 — YouTube For Business (Value: $27)

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