How Design Trends Translate to Landing Page Design Optimization

We all see different types of design approaches, some of them have become mainstream, and they evolved into real design trends. We all know how flat design works & looks, we’ve seen Google’s take on “Material Design” how it fluidly adapts and works with principles like depth, motion, etc.

But you might ask yourself, how do all these trends translate into landing page designs, keeping in mind that the core goal of a landing page is to make it distraction free and to be customized for your specific ad / campaign, and encourage the user to convert with ease.

A good example of how different design trends translate into landing page designs is on Dribbble, you can see lots of pages with lots of design styles & trends incorporated into pages. But a vast majority of the pages that you find designed on Dribbble are mostly “Designers Eyecandy” rather than actual functional and optimized pages.

Not to say that they are bad, just that Dribbble’s nature focuses much more on how design is approached by the community, and the community is more focused on making the page itself look good rather than optimizing it for conversion and ease of use.

These are all stunning designed pages, but the optimization is rarely there. The main focus is on design as you can see in the example above.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

Don’t get me wrong, its great to add all kinds of elements to get the design look & feel that you are aiming for, but try to reduce clutter on the pages, make good use of white space on the pages, try to keep in mind that it should be a clean and clutter free experience with ease of use at its core and conversion optimization.

Not to say that its not hard to balance design with conversion optimization, trust me it’s not easy.

A good example of “Less is More” , ease of use and high traffic is Reddit, the website has been with us for a pretty long time now, and the reason that lots of people use it, visit it everyday and know how to interact with it and use it is because of it’s you can call it “outdated” design, but this design and the lack of fancy and shiny graphics reduce distraction, and help people to do the one thing that they are supposed to do on the page.

The Conclusion & Final Thoughts

So what does this all boil down to ? Well, it’s a matter of personal prefference in terms of design, but if you have the clients best interest at hearth, you focus on balancing the design elements, with the core functionality and purpose of a landing page and of course the users experience. Keep in mind that a great and optimal experience does not require tons upon tons of elements and flashy animations to capture the users interest.

At Instapage, we aim to achieve the perfect ballance of design elements and incorporate different trends and styles into our pages as much as possible without compromising on the ease of use for our clients to customize the landing page itself, and offer great conversion capabilities.

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