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And that’s a wrap for our Community Presale — Pure Facts !

Hola Instaraisers!

We are excited to announce that our community presale got closed within the first 1 and half hours.

Some Interesting Facts about our Presale!

  • 20 new wallet who never used Tezos earlier came and joined the SALE ! ( > $30,000 ) bringing new Liquidity to Tezos.
  • New investors played along with us for the first time in Tezos.
  • Short time sold-out shows that the buy pressure and no. of investors believing in Tezos are increasing by a great number.
  • Our Samurais made sure that the reach of the event is maximized and everyone in the ecosystem knows about it.

It’s great to see the community coming forward, people participating actively and be a part of the Tezos product ecospace.

Projects are Lined-up! Presales for a lot of exciting projects are coming in the next 2 months.

It’s just the beginning!

  • Tier Based Staking and Yield Generation
  • LP Farms and Incentivization programs to be carried out
  • Revenue Distribution to the long terms supporters and Weighed Ticket holders
  • We will make sure that we bring in more and more utility and the Token Performs best for the $INSTA Holders.

Some exciting tweaks before the Public Sale will be announced soon!

Track our Website

If you didn’t get the chance to take part in the Community Presale, don’t worry

We will be having our Public Sale coming up in the very first week of September !

To learn more about Instaraise visit our Website and our docs (

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