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How to participate in the Instaraise IDO

Just one day to go before our public sale goes live. Instaraise public sale will begin on our own platform at 14:00 UTC on 9th September 2021

Please go through this article carefully for hassle-free trade.

Below are the details of the sale :

Start time : 9th september 1400 UTC

End time : 11th september 1400 UTC

Token Symbol : $INSTA

MAX : 2000 XTZ

MIN : 50 XTZ

Token Price : 0.092 USD

Total no. of Tokens for Sale : 980,000

Total Raised Amount : $90,160

Token Address: KT19y6R8x53uDKiM46ahgguS6Tjqhdj2rSzZ

How to avail $INSTA in the sale

All the Users who have done their KYC on the Instaraise platform will be able to participate in the sale. The KYC whitelisting will be closed 2 hours before the sale starts

Below are the steps to participate in the sale

Note**: The images displayed below are for demo purpose only, actual data may differ!

Go to our Platform:

If you haven’t connected your Tezos wallet to our website yet, Click on “Connect wallet” and connect your preferred wallet for the purchase.

A pop up window will appear displaying all the supported Tezos wallet on our platform. Click on your preferred wallet and link it to our Website.

If you have already connected your wallet to our website, skip the previous step.

Now go to the home page of our website and Click on “View Projects”

This page will show all the previous as well as ongoing sales on our platform

Click on the displayed “Instaraise Public sale” card which will start at 14:00 UTC on 9th September

Pool details, your allocations, pool status and time remaining will be shown here.

Page displaying all the information regrading the Public Sale
Pool Information
Your allocations

To invest in the pool, Click on “Invest in pool”

A pop up window will appear in which you just have to enter the amount of $XTZ you want to invest.

Once the amount is filled, Click on “Confirm” to execute your purchase.

And that’s it! If your purchase is successful, you will see your tokens in the “Your allocations” section.

The Public Sale will be done on a First Come First Serve basis, so make sure to participate early before the pool gets exhausted (in 72 hours)

Note** Only those users who have completed their KYC on our platform will be able to participate in our IDO

If you still haven't completed your KYC, please go through This article: to complete your KYC.

Or directly go to this link and complete your KYC

For any queries, join our main channel:

To learn more about Instaraise, check us out on our website or follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram



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