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Instaraise is set to raise the bar in 2022 after a Phenomenal 2021

What a year 2021 has been! As the first ever decentralized fundraising and incubation protocol on the Tezos protocol, we are happy to announce that the past year was a grand success when it came to achieving our goals.

We had our fair share of struggles to match the community’s as well as our own expectations, and as a team, we had fun doing so. Having picked up steam throughout the past year, we are looking forward to doubling our efforts this year to push the bar further upwards.

Few Glimpses of How Instaraise Faired in 2021

The Tezos ecosystem always had the potential to become the go-to option for blockchain applications. We realized it, so did others and the adoption slowly started to pick up as projects considered building their dApps on the Tezos ecosystem.

At Instaraise, we decided to support those projects by providing them the necessary infrastructure to make things easier for them. All these happened in 2021, which is also the year the idea for Instaraise was born.

The beginning

Starting mid-2021, Instaraise was officially announced, and we all got to work, creating the first of its kind platform on Tezos, where anyone with the right idea can turn them into successful projects, raise funds and connect with the community to gain their support, feedback and of course, users.

Created with speed and accessibility as the core focus, Instaraise is designed to provide crypto projects with a quick way to raise and exchange capital at very low-cost overheads, all from within a completely decentralized environment.

Having built the platform with unique features like a two round IDO structure for guaranteed fair token allocation through pool weighted average staking mechanism and more, driven by our native $INSTA token, we addressed some of the prevalent shortcomings of existing launchpads. In Q3 2021, we tasted success by supporting the first IDO on our platform.

Instaraise native token $INSTA IDO on its own platform

The first IDO was soon followed by our own $INSTA community presale and token sale on MEXC Global which was a grand success. It took merely 60 seconds for token pool to run out, which is a huge achievement itself. Since then, our project has grown rapidly to include a full-fledged incubation program for projects, IDO staking pools, farms and more. We have forged a few solid partnerships, run more IDOs and introduced a new governance model.

More successful IDOs

By the end of Q4 2021, we had run successful IDOs for two prominent projects — Aqarchain and ShuttleOne, and shaped the next iteration of our project, Instaraise v2.0. As a huge upgrade, Instaraise is creating an entire DeFi universe on Tezos by launching exciting features throughout 2022 and beyond.

Things in Store for Q1 and Q2 of 2022

We have few exciting things in store forthis year as we aim to new frontiers with Instaraise.


Among our plans include the launch of our own decentralized exchange platform — INSTA DEX. It will be one of a kind single asset liquidity DEX on Tezos, making it another first from Instaraise’s stables.

The INSTA DEX will be a great addition to our launchpad and incubation platform as it will enable us to facilitate upcoming IDOs via $INSTA, in turn helping its value gain more ground by locking up supply in the form of liquidity. Meanwhile, the Instaraise v2.0 launchpad will become more business-friendly with additional updates.

  • The INSTA DEX will be accompanied by live graph, trading tools and API support, all aimed at offering a user-friendly trading experience.
  • With the launch of the INSTA DEX, users can look forward to benefit from the attractive incentives by participating in liquidity provisioning and farming activities.
  • We are also exploring the possibility of introducing NFT-based Pre-IDO sales feature on Instaraise this year.

The INSTA DEX is the first in a series of features we are aiming to introduce as a part of our mission to create a DeFi universe on Tezos Protocol.

Cross-Chain Bridge

By mid-2022 we are aiming to deploy a cross-chain bridge to facilitate seamless cross chain transactions between Tezos and other blockchain protocols.
Once launched, the cross-chain bridge is going to facilitate cross-chain IDOs as well and will also play an instrumental role in driving more liquidity into Tezos, benefiting the whole ecosystem.

Community Front

The crypto community will soon find it a lot easier to become part of the Instaraise community, irrespectiveof their location or language as we are in the process of expanding our reach by creating global language based communities.

Our incubation program will also get a boost this year with the launch of early grants for projects handpicked by the evaluation team. We will further empower the community by creating more opportunities to become part of the Instaraise and much larger Tezos ecosystem through the BUIDL program, making funds available to those creating products on Tezos using our tools and platform resources.

More Token utility

Instaraise protocol, its tools and $INSTA tokens will continue to find uses across various projects and protocols as we intend to onboard more partners and collaborate with popular ecosystems throughout 2022.

And yes, while you are waiting, if you have a revolutionary idea or working on an innovative project, fill this form and we may be able to get the IDO for your project up and running on Instaraise.

More information about our plans for Q3 and Q4 with timeline and other relevant information will be discussed in detail in our next roadmap release. Just sit tight and wait for it!

To learn more about Instaraise, check us out on our website or follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram



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