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Introducing $INSTA Staking Pool with Higher Rewards

We are excited to announce the $INSTA Staking pool with higher rewards. After listening to the community feedback we have launched a brand new staking pool for our current and future holders.

The new staking pool will be live from 1400 UTC, 28th September 2021 at

Benefits of $INSTA Staking

The native utility token of the Instaraise ecosystem, $INSTA is designed to enable token holders to access the platform’s IDO Launchpad deal-flow, information flow, and specific presale rounds. As a part of its community initiative, Instaraise incorporates multiple incentive programs to rewards $INSTA token holders.

An important feature of most DeFi ecosystems, staking encourages users to hold crypto assets for prolonged periods to earn rewards and/or certain privileges. In Instaraise’s case, staking enables token holders to make a passive stream of revenue in the form of $INSTA rewards.

At the same time, it also decides the holder’s eligibility to participate in sale campaigns listed on the native IDO Platform. Further, the platform considers weighted pool scores based on individual contributions to the staking pool and the staking duration to set the token allocation tiers for listed token sale campaigns on Instaraise.

Instaraise has set aside 36% of the total 100 million $INSTA tokens for reward payouts. The 36 million $INSTA reward pool will be unlocked over 36 months, and the tokens contained therein will be utilized to pay out various incentives, including staking rewards to the community.

Currently, Instaraise has four different allocation tiers for token sale participation on its IDO platform. These tiers — Economy, Business Class, First Class and Executive First Class has a minimum staking requirement of 2000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 $INSTA and a pool weight score of 20, 100, 300 and 500 respectively.

Those staking $INSTA for longer durations stand to receive a pool weight bonus, increasing their effective pool weight score and earning them additional token allocation.

New Pool Details

Reward Pool worth: 60,000 $INSTA

Pool Length: 45 days

Un-staking Fees
- Within week 1: 20%
- Within week 2: 10%
- After week 2: 4%

*Please note that the unstaking fees charged in the form of $INSTA is Burned and contributes to the deflation of $INSTA Token

Additionally, early stakers will be able to earn better yields and have a longer staking duration. The time leverage thus gained will never expire and result in a better pool weight score.

  • It is worth noting that the lowest unstaking fee is 0% when there is no reward pool running while unstaking.

Stake Now:

How to Migrate to the new Pool!

The migration fee for current stakers in the old staking pool will be 0%.
Please make sure you claim the rewards from the old pool as it will get deactivated within a week.

There will be a toggle for switching between the old and the new pool on our staking contract page.

To migrate into the new pool, you need to first unstake from the previous pool.

*All the old pool rewards have been updated from our side and there is no loss of the earned rewards while migrating to the new pool.

*Figure shown in the screenshots are for demo purposes only!

Step 1: Go to our staking platform

Step 2: Toggle the button from “Active” to “Inactive”. This will show your old pool details.

Step 3: Withdraw the rewards from your previous pool by clicking on the “Withdraw button”

Step 4: Unstake the Amount from the Old Pool by clicking on “-” (minus sign)

Step 5: Click on the “Unstake” button.

Step 6: A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the transaction. Confirm the Transaction from your connected wallet.

After the transaction is successful you have unstaked from the old pool at a 0% fee.

Now that you have unstaked from the old pool, you can now stake $INSTA in the new pool with higher rewards. Follow these steps-

Step 7: Click on the “Active Inactive” button again and toggle it to “Active” to enter the new Pool section and Stake again in the new pool to start earning higher APY and get all momentary benefits.

Step 8: Click on the “Stake” button and enter the amount you want to invest in the pool.

Step 9: After filling in the required amount click on “Stake”

Step 10: A pop-up window will appear from your connected wallet to confirm the transaction. Click on “Confirm”.

Step 11: After processing, a message “Your transaction was added to the pool successfully” will appear, which means you have staked $INSTA in the new pool.

And that is it!

It is really that simple! Now you can stake your $INSTA to get an allocation in the upcoming IDO while also enjoying the benefits in terms of $INSTA rewards!

We are happy to launch this new staking benefit for our community before our first upcoming IDO and CEX listing. We are committed to working on community feedback and will keep working to make Instaraise better.

Stake Now:

To learn more about Instaraise, check us out on our website or follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram.



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