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Secret Santa Giveaway is here!

The Santa has come out of quarantine this year and joined hands with Instaraise to hold a big Secret Santa NFT event on the Tezos community

Introducing the Secret Santa Giveaway event!

It’s no secret that the Tezos blockchain has become a hotbed for NFT engagement from buying and selling, to minting and trading. As a company built on Tezos, Instaraise is giving the opportunity to all NFT projects and their community to highlight their creations on the Tezos ecosystem through this NFT buying event.

So we will be selecting 3 NFTs among all the mentioned NFTs on our Twitter and will buy them on the 25th of December, which is on Christmas! To make this event even more interesting, the selected NFTs will be purely random and we are going to buy them irrespective of their price.

To participate in this event, all the NFT creators and their community members need to mention down their favorite NFT in Tezos blockchain on the Instaraise Twitter account.

3 Steps to participate in the event

3 steps are all it takes to take part in this giveaway event. Participate and grab a chance to showcase your best NFT on Tezos and also add Instaraise as another holder of your creation. Follow the steps below:

And that’s it!

The 3 winners for this event will be announced on the night of Christmas! We will announce the winners on our community channel as well as on Twitter. 3 winning NFTs will be featured in our Christmas post on the 25th of December and will be bought by Instaraise on the same day!

Spread this event in your community and with the NFT creators and mention down your favorites to grab the chance to win this “Secret Santa NFT” event. Get your creation recognized by the whole Tezos community.

To learn more about Instaraise, check us out on our website or follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Telegram



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