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Shuttleone is all set to step into the Tezos ecosystem through a strategic partnership with Instaraise

We are pleased to share with our community that Instaraise is entering into a strategic partnership with Shuttleone, an operating system for digital finance.

With the tremendous support received from our community members, we were able to execute our first 2 IDOs on our platform successfully.

By utilizing the experience gained from these IDOs and the huge support from the community backing us up, Instaraise is now all set to launch its next IDO.

Shuttleone IDO will be launched on, Details will be updated soon.

About ShuttleOne

At its core, ShuttleOne is the next generation of finance — a combination of AI and blockchain, aiming to bring DeFi to the real world through our network of partners in B2G, B2B and B2C ecosystems.

ShuttleOne allows any business to run their native financial arm with automation, global liquidity and multichain adoption from day one.

Running a financial service or adopting blockchain no longer requires heavy capital and technicalities.
ShuttleOne is serving over 13 real-world industries, including governments, with our DeFI operating solutions.

With various products related to the multichain in 2022 roadmap, ShuttleOne aims to help the crypto community to benefit from the best performance network at transaction time. Why use one blockchain network, when you can use them all.

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About the partnership

Instaraise heartily welcomes ShuttleOne to Tezos, as our partner. With getting the ShuttleOne onboard, we will be helping them to strategize their marketing and tokenomics along with building a strong community across the chain.

We’ll facilitate this launch through our native IDO platform.
We’re also set to bring together the bridge that will facilitate the cross-chain presence of $INSTA token.

With the launch of its native token $SZO on Instaraise’s IDO platform, ShuttleOne aims to become the next generation of the operating system for Finance that allows any B2C, B2B, G2B platform to build and run their native decentralized financial solutions.

ShuttleOne brings the possibility of trade finance and financial services to the blockchain space, empowering a secure digital infrastructure for global payment, money markets, platforms, or even Dapps can facilitate payment directly and empower their users.

Empowering the community is the only vision behind Instaraise that motivates us to do more. As a unique IDO launchpad and incubation platform built on Tezos, Instaraise is committed to providing new projects built in the Tezos ecosystem an initial boost in their journey ahead.

Onboarding to Tezos ecosystem via Instaraise is part of ShuttleOne’s metachain strategy — a multichain aggregator that allows anyone to build and benefit from different blockchain networks.

With this partnership, we are opening up more opportunities to our community. Be it all-around support for projects by Instaraise to build a strong foundation for the project, or Financial service from Shuttleone that allows any B2C, B2B, G2B platform to build and run their native decentralized financial solutions. Instaraise is building an all-in-one Defi Universe on Tezos.

About Instaraise

Instaraise is a completely decentralized fundraising and Incubation platform. We aim to empower projects by building a strong foundation and fundraising ability while providing impactful marketing advisory, Community growth, and ecosystem development assistance.

We are here with all-around support for projects from Private Fundraising to IDO.

Instaraise is building an all-in-one Defi Universe on Tezos. We support projects to raise funds, build communities and turn their ideas into products.

We define the Project to Product Journey!

With Automated Liquidity Locking and Transparency in the Locks! Bringing more and more trust for the investors to come on board with us.

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