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“It is an odd thing, but everyone who disappears is said to be seen in 
San Francisco. It must be a delightful city, and possess 
all the attractions of the next world”
— Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

While “the next world” for Oscar Wilde most likely had a slightly more theological implication, he otherwise seems to share what we feel about the ever-charming San Francisco, birthplace and home of Instaread: it is a city that offers the delightful wonders of a whole new world. Indeed, Instaread itself inspires to be one of those attractions. And as you will see, things that disappear in other places do indeed reappear here with us in the City by the Bay.

For those awesome readers who already make up part of the Instaread network, bear with us for a moment while we illustrate what it means to Instaread, and why any newcomer reading this post will want to jump right into it.

In the crazed world of the twenty-first century, two important things seem to have disappeared: time to read, and the ability to make good choices from the plethora of books available. Born from this all too common plight of so many books and so little time to read them all, Instaread offers a solution: instead of spending hours reading a book for only a few key pieces of information or losing time on a miscalculated selection, spend 15 minutes reading or listening to an audio version of our book summaries, and then enjoy our visually appealing infographics. The key takeaways from the book — business tips, health hints, historical facts, biographical bombshells — are (literally) at your fingertips.

And Instaread is not just for readers who go in for nonfiction. Fiction lovers have nothing to fear: we do the same things for novels, complete with character analysis and discussion of main themes and plot points.

In other words, we have something for everyone. You might even say that we have made time and the ability to make good choices reappear…

Now, current, new, and soon-to-become Instareaders, pay attention, because this is what our new blog means for all of you:

a) Larger displays of our beautiful and informative infographics
b) Engaging articles three times a week to help you expand your understanding of and interaction with the summaries and books themselves
c) Customized lists of book titles from your very own Instaread team
d) Being part of an ever-expanding community of knowledge-seeking, book-loving Instareaders

It’s new, it’s exciting, and now it’s all part of Instaread. Come over, start reading.


Team Instaread
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