All my life I’ve been searching for something…

In our ongoing quest to make life easier for our customers, we’ve just massively upgraded the search feature in the InstaSupply portal.

From today, you can search across all of your invoices, purchase orders and products, enabling you to identify all those times you bought cider or leeks much more easily.

We’ve also improved the way in which we search for invoice or purchase order numbers, allowing you to search for partial numbers. Before, if you had an invoice with an invoice number of “0000001234”, you would have had to search for exactly that number, including all the leading zeroes. Now, you just have to search for “1234” and you’ll be returned all invoices which contain that number.

The images above show the search experience for an InstaSupply customer. But what if you’re a supplier? Well, that’s simple — you see a very similar view, but instead of seeing “Payable Invoice” and “Outgoing Purchase Order” results, you will see “Receivable Invoice” and “Incoming Purchase Order” results. Why’s this worth mentioning? Because if you use InstaSupply as both a customer and a supplier, this allows you to differentiate between your receivable and your payable items at a glance from a search result.

As always, this is just the first step in us allowing you to search across all the data you have access to in the system, and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming weeks. Please do let us know if you have any comments!

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