Fine cloud dining anyone?

Speculated upon and experimented with for a few years now, paperless menus are starting to break through en masse in the hospitality industry.

Screens and tablets aren’t exactly cutting-edge technology anymore, but cloud tech has evolved and become widely-accessible, making a paperless menu not just an environmentally friendly and innovative proposition, but a potentially highly profitable and efficient one. In many tech savvy restaurants, the development has been as simple as a tablet with an app that allows customers to make their choices without requiring the attention of a waiter.

When the clients have made their decision, the order is swiftly sent to the kitchen. Waiters are of course still needed to serve the food and make any recommendations, but automation does seem to make things more efficient for the restaurant and allows staff to focus more on customer service and other service enhancing tasks.

There are some restaurants who are taking things a step further…Inamo in London include an overhead projector and a program that allows patrons to not only do all of the above, but also choose a virtual decor for their table, pay electronically, order a taxi and even log in to a webcam overlooking the kitchen to watch their meal being prepared live!

Specific technology just for restaurants has even been developed, with Moneual, a company based in South Korea, offering a specific dining table with built-in touchscreen technology, allowing diners to access all of those services from a specific model designed specifically for eateries, rather than relying on a tech combo.

Our dining experience is changing. From highly sustainable restaurants like the Acorn House in Shoreditch, London collecting their seasonal organic produce using biodiesel vehicles, composting and recycling all of their waste products, paperless menus are a natural progression. Automation need not be a dirty word.

Clouds are wondrous natural phenomena and cloud tech is a masterful human creation that will hopefully help save those first generation clouds. One dinner at a time.

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