Purchase Order Conversations

Today we’ve released the first stage in our proposed changes to the InstaSupply Purchase Order; conversations:

Conversations are a thread of customer and supplier communications attached to the bottom of the Purchase Orders in InstaSupply. These conversations replace our old “note to supplier” and “note to customer” functionality.

The conversation message module, as seen on all purchase order detail pages

The old note was limited as it only allowed one single message from the customer, and a single response from the supplier. With conversations, we really want both customers and suppliers to do just that — have a full back and forth conversation about the purchase order.

Introduction to the Interface

When you first create a purchase order, any message you leave for the supplier will be added as the first message in the conversation and will be seen by the supplier when they view the order.

In the same way, when the supplier approves or denies a purchase order, they will be able to add a message in response:

Even after the initial conversation has finished, you will still be able to send messages back and forth about that particular purchase order!

Coming soon

As ever, we’re releasing this functionality with the intention of making it better and better. In the next few weeks we want to upgrade this process to include email responses from customers and suppliers, and allow attachments and other useful material.