Basecamp3 & Slack

Basecamp3 & Slack Integration through Zapier

Create a channel in Slack when new Project is created Basecamp3.

  • There is no direct integration available for the same, we can use Zapier (IOT for business apps).
  • Maintain Seamless communication Between Internal Team and Clients , as internal team does not require to interact with client, Person / Manager who is communicating with the client/client side team can have communication through at one place without having any communication gap between members through Slack Channel and this will not create distraction for the internal team, as they can work and report on the task in Basecamp3 from the very first day when starting with the New Project/New Client.

Step 1 : Login to Zapier

Step 2 : Click on Make a Zap

Step 3 : Set up Zap

a. Select Basecamp3 for the Trigger.

b. Choose Trigger : New Project (Trigger when a new Project is Created).

c. Connect Basecamp3 account.

d. Select Account / Organization Created in Basecamp3.

Step 4 : Create a project in Basecamp3

Step 5 : Navigate to Zapier, select Slack as an app for the Action.

a. Select action as : Create Channel

b. Authenticate Slack

c. Setup Template : Channel name as Project name

d. Name the zap and activate it.

Step 6 : Navigate to Slack

Step 7 : Convert newly Created Public Channel to Private Channel.

Step 8 : Invite members from the client side and members from your team to Slack channel, which required to be in communication.

Originally published at on May 28, 2017.