Iconic tuxedo moments

There’s no denying that the age of the tuxedo has reached its golden age once again, due to rising ‘dapper culture’ where men are wanting to look and feel good for themselves. Popular drama shows like ‘Madmen’ & ‘Suits’ are also giving resurgence for men to look crisp and ‘gentlemen like’ and ditching the 2000s era of ‘smart casual’. As we approach a time where a tailored made tuxedo is more affordable than ever, let’s go back in time and relive the best tuxedo moments till now.


In the 1962 Sean Connery stars as James bond in the film Dr.No and his classic shawl lapel black tuxedo paved the way for future tuxedos in Bond films.


Frank Sinatra is considered an icon of our time. Not only did he captivated the world as an artist but also his way of life and how he dressed, “For me, a tuxedo is a way of life.”


Ali for most is considered the best athlete of all time and combined with his charismatic personality, became a legend and icon. Ali had always loved bespoke suits and would always be seen dressed with a class of elegance, especially in his tuxedos.


Let’s fast forward a few decades where the tuxedos are much slimmer and fitted. Gosling has always been making appearances in tuxedos, his light blue tux takes pole position as it stands out against the typical midnight blue or black tuxedo most would wear.


Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino at the recent Golden Globes takes the tux and switches it up with a more modern twist and adding personal style with a brown velvet look, going against the mould.