Top 15 technologies we need by 2035

Co-authors: Pierre Pellissier, Paul Johnson, Mike Whitty, Hank Pellissier

In 13.5 years (2035) humans will face strange new problems, plus most of the same old miserable scourges that currently plague us.

Technology will provide amazing solutions. Here’s the best inventions we anticipate:

1. Electric Self-Driving Cars — accidents, stress, boredom and atmosphere-destroying exhaust will be eliminated

2. Improved Solar Panel Technology — shimmering from rooftops capturing sunlight at a high-percentage

3. Improved Tidal Energy Technology — coastlines quietly acquiring gigawatts as the oceans surge and roil

4. Medical Diagnostic Booths — every CVS has a corner station eager to check our vitals

5. Delicious Fake Meat — eating dead animals is an extinct habit because scientists put unami into vegan & in-vitro flesh products

6. Direct Democracy — Taiwan’s innovations leads the world away from representatives towards actual people power

7. Fire-Fighting Robots — humans don’t burn anymore battling wildfires and building infernos; drones and robots to the rescue

8. Virtual Reality in home entertainment centers — be the hero or the villain in any narrative you choose

9. Vertical & Underground Cities — building sideways is needless waste; constructing up-and-down preserves energy and the environment

10. Psycho-Pharmaceuticals — multiple mental illnesses — depression, PTSD, substance abuse — are cured with transformative prescription epiphanies

11. 3D House Printing — where will one billion people live when Banglasdesh and India sink under the rising seas? Answer: into homes quickly constructed on high ground by 24/7 builders

12. Robot Nurses — the elderly are tended by patient, soothing machine-beings with excellent listening skills and sexbot options

13. Carbon Neutral Air Travel — electric planes and fuel made from algae

14. Iron Dome — Israel’s safety shield will be installed in multiple major cities

15. Super, Sustainable Batteries — improved power density, faster charge rate, recyclable/sustainable materials



The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies is a nonprofit techno-progressive think tank which examines how progress in science and technology can increase freedom, happiness, and human flourishing in democratic societies.

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