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What it feels like to take control of your grants process

We started Instrumentl with the mission of accelerating science by helping academic researchers find relevant grants. But we quickly found that our solution also worked for nonprofits as the grants process for 501c3's is no less inefficient and time-consuming.

So, today, we’re excited to make it official: in addition to academic researchers, Instrumentl will expand its mission to serve all nonprofits, whether or not the organization conducts research. Currently, our focus is on environmental nonprofits. Examples of topics that fall under “environment”: conservation, restoration and stewardship, environmental education, advocacy and justice, as well as community outreach. We’ll soon expand into areas beyond the environment as well.

Over the past 6 months, as we talked to hundreds of nonprofits the same 3 problems come up:

  1. Nonprofits don’t have a simple way to “know what’s out there.” Endless google searching and incomplete databases don’t give a holistic view of a nonprofit’s prospects.
  2. Time is expensive. Nonprofits are often strapped for resources (both time and money) and spending hours on unnecessary grant research doesn’t help.
  3. Existing prospecting tools leave a lot to be desired. Even while using them, Nonprofits were missing deadlines and great opportunities.
Now, with Instrumentl you have an automated grant assistant.

Whether you’re the Director of Development for a large nonprofit, a Board member of an all-volunteer organization, or a small nonprofit just starting out, Instrumentl can be your automated grant assistant.

Here is what sets Instrumentl apart:

Truly comprehensive: By continuously pulling together corporate, private and government grants, we’re the most comprehensive source of nonprofit and academic grants. For nonprofits, we have funding opportunities for both program development AND general operating expenses.

Personalized grant matches: We know you don’t have time to waste. We do the legwork to match you with relevant grants for your projects and programs.

Active opportunities: Instrumentl isn’t just a static list of funders that you have to weed through. We focus on active funding opportunities that you can apply for today. We are searching for new grants 24 x 7 and you’ll receive new, relevant grants in your inbox regularly.

Project management: Don’t miss another deadline. Our built-in project management tool allows you to save your favorite grants, receive deadline reminders, track your progress, and store notes & documents.

Give Instrumentl a try! You can take it for a spin for 14 days completely free.

Just head to and sign up.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

With ❤, Gauri, Katharine, and Angela

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