In case you’ve been wondering

Why our ‘Drummer’s Play — This January’ Posts ran out of steam

And…. January is almost over.

If you’ve wondered,
why after all this time,
after all the noise we’ve made about the ‘Drummer’s Play’ event
“This January”, “All January” and the sorts,
If you’ve wondered why we went cold turkey
after you tagged your drummer friends,
suggested they get off their asses ,
do something about their drumming skills,
send us their video plays,
pass this message on,
and the likes,
we are extremely apologetic
for this insensitive, unpredictable behaviour ourselves,
and would like to promptly shift the focus
and blame it all on the Russians.

The Blame Russia button

Or, other people watching the Russians.
Some Russians.
Like everyone else working on something related to the indie music scene,
or, for a lot of them at least,
there are other primary, main jobs you begrudgingly hold on to,
not as exciting, not as meaningful,
but an occupation which earns you the bread, and maybe some strain,
something which our web developer friend,
who has taken up the task of coding our creation into existence,
into a website,
would ascribe to
(begrudgingly, still).

Well, Drummer’s Play
a showcase of drums plays we’ve been collecting for a while now,
was due for mid- January.
We planned to launch this event,
invite drummers on board,
dedicate a month to the hi-hats and the cymbals,
and coincide this with a soft launch of our very own website
a work in progress version of it, 
only to have our plans foiled by some vexatious individuals
who proceeded to replace our developer friend’s work website
with that of a Russian Pornography Site.

Our friend had to make a choice,
to salvage his company from shame, embarrassment, taint,
loss of clients, loss of business,
threat to job security,
Russian porn stars,
or to work on the Instrupad ‘wip’ website
and play the part of the reckless, foolhardy, frivolous old soul,
stick the finger up to the man,
or feign a sense of humor complex to explain,
and put his day job on the line.

It is easy to guess what might have happened,
and why our enthusiastic January call out to drummers 
met with an abrupt end.

For a later date.
Now in case you’re curious about this whole Russian Porn site issue,
and feel like checking the hack heist yourself,
for your own curiosity and satisfaction,
it is suggested you stop dilly dallying around,
and check out an authentic WYSIWYG Russian Porn site itself,
because we hear that our man is back on top of his game,
has played the part of the hero,
took part in a successful rescue mission,
separated the Russian interest in their business
and sent them packing away from the scene,
and is now back to creating the Instrupad website we eagerly await.

In case you’ve been wondering,
this February it is,
for sure.
‘Drummer’s Play’ on Instrupad.
And like before, please dont forget to
‘Tag a Drummer’.

This February. For Sure.
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