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Hi there fellow productivity junkie!

I am Ceylan, the Head of Content & Community at Insumo. I wanted to introduce you to what you can get out of the colorful world of Insumo! I am so excited to walk with you on your journey to optimize your life through building positive habits.

What is Insumo?

Insumo means “input” in Spanish. In our upcoming app, we craft personalized productivity journeys for you through the “Insumo” you provide us with. Our wellbeing and productivity app is set to launch in 19 days!

Insumo works with data and sophisticated AI technology to craft individualized habit journeys served to you through engaging in-app experiences. We drive your data through syncing with your current productivity tools such as Google Calendar, Asana, and ToDoIst, to discover positive and negative trends in your current routines and build personalized habit insights in line with your existing trends. You can effectively organize and coordinate your daily schedule & routines through the app!

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I am an alumnus of UC Berkeley with a BA in Psychology and minors in Human Rights and Theater. I specialize in the creation of news content.