An understanding on exclusions of Health Insurance”

The health insurance scheme along with a lot of relief brings a little pain of ailments that are included and excluded in health insurance policy by the policy maker. These inclusion and exclusion differ from one policy to another but some are mandatory once added to have a control over any deceitful activity and provide a clear explanation for advantages you will get from your health insurance.

Firstly, exclusion are situations, health effects and accidental conditions for which you will not get any refund or reimbursement from side of your health insurance providers. These exclusions are properly mentioned in details of your health insurance policy development papers as a separate section. Now, certain common exclusion like pre-existing diseases, accidents in war and maternity charges are not likable in customer viewpoint. As per customer pre-existing diseases are also a part of their health prospects. However, now there are certain health insurance policies that consider pre-existing diseases as inclusion of policy. But, the fact is pre-existing diseases are not the outcome of your insurance period; therefore policy makers do not consider them as a part of their responsibility. Some customers try to get insurance reimbursement within 1year of policy duration by claiming for pre-existing disease. Such trick acts committed by customer force them to exclude the pre existing diseases from health insurance policy conditions.

Secondly, the exclusion related to accident or injuries occurring in war conditions are excluded because the reimbursement financial data that occur in war condition where single company will have to deliver a huge amount of money to lot of customer is not a approachable move. Any insurance market cannot deliver this huge amount of money to so many sufferers at one particular time. This will make company bankrupt; therefore the war conditions are excluded from health insurance policy.

Some health insurance policy developers do not consider the issues like pregnancy, abortion and cosmetic surgery as a part of health issues. The abortion is not considered under consideration unless legalized by customer. The alternative therapies like yoga, massage, reflexology, acupuncture etc. are also not considered as part of health insurance scheme. The exclusion of dental care, vision care and hearing are not the part of hospitalization treatment and the health insurance covers only the hospitalization expenses. Therefore, dental and hearing treatment is considered as exclusions of health insurance. These above described reason a state that exclusion is essential to be involves in health insurance scheme.