Comparing your policies is easy as Google launches a car insurance comparison tool

To those people who are having cars for their regular traveling and all, getting them insured is something that everyone should opt for. Car Insurance is an option given by most insurance companies that allows the owner to get their car insured under them. Certain companies cover certain benefits, for different amount of money. So, it becomes very much difficult for the owners of cars to decide on which insurance cover to get for cars. To solve this problem very recently, Google has launched a car insurance comparison tool.

Google comparison from mobile

This comparison tool is known as Google Compare for Auto Insurance. Operating this tool is very easy, you need to just put in all the information’s that are asked by the site in the required boxes and you would then have a list of insurance policies that offer car insurance from which you can compare and understand what it is all about and decide on which policy you should stick and what policy would be good for you.

This tool, for now, is only available for California but it has been a given by the company that within no time it will be available in the other states too for use and then everyone would be able to use this site and its features. The users can go to compare on Google’s web page and then also they will get the same features in front of them.

The facility, as it is given by the most insurance companies provides cover to the benefactor in case of any kind of injury to the car due to accidental reasons. Terrorist acts are something that some companies cover and a few doesn’t cover. The range of sum insured or the Insured Declared Value (as it is known in the motor vehicle policies) differs from company to company. It is the work of the tool to compare all these insurance sum insured to get the best for the benefactors of the company.

For the insurance companies, it is to be informed that there is no need for any kind of payment to be made to the tool for their ranks or eligibility even. It is equal opportunity for the insurance companies to utilize the opportunity and use their features to bring out the best in them and make pointers to the customers about what is good in their features and what not.

Compare Auto Insurance

When the customers go to the site, they should know that it is a free site. This site prompts the customers to enter the usual questions they ask for getting the auto quote. Following which, the tool is run and then Google, after searching the database, brings in front of the screen a few results which included quotes, coverage details etc from different types of insurance companies. The benefactors can then, go through the details given by Google and decide on which car insurance policy they should buy.

This comparison tool has become famous because of its simple user friendly portal which even a layman can access to get the comparison between the insurance policies of the companies. To begin with, the benefactors have to provide the site for the ZIP Code, following which they will be taken to a form which is needed to be filled with required fields like name, date of birth etc. The benefactor can also speed things up with the option for ‘auto fill’ and then there will be a page where the different kinds of insurance companies, their car insurance policies and ratings and reviews of the customers who have already been a benefactor to the policies.

Along with this, every benefactor has the opportunity to search the internet with the tag of — Car Insurance. This tag will also return the same results as the tool. The best part about the tool is that it is all in all integrated into one place where you get everything under the same roof. You don’t need to go sites after sites to get genuine comparisons of the policies of the insurance companies. It is in this tool that all of it can be done at one place. Such a kind of insurance comparison website had been earlier also released by Google for the UK residents and that had been able to get a few wonderful feedback and reviews from the residents, making it a huge hit and of course, acting as a catalyst in the making of this tool.

For the tool, right at this moment, Google has more than a dozen insurance partners which are sure to grow in the upcoming days. It will be soon found all over the world and in other places other than California making it one of the biggest and the most genuine Car Insurance comparison site of the lot.

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