The Quilliam Foundation is financed by Tea-Party conservatives investigated by Sam Harris

And Ghaffar Hussain, a London Borough PREVENT manager, is listed as a co-leader for their million dollar project

This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project

Templeton, the Christian right, and anti-science

“… opposition to gay rights and reproductive rights, for example, and also a global vision that involves the eventual eradication of all competing belief systems that might compete with The Gathering’s hard-right version of Christianity.”

“… evidence of pervasive cronyism: more than half of the past dozen Templeton Prize winners were connected to the foundation before their win, and board members do well obtaining grant money and speaking gigs. Bains also argues that the true atheistic tendencies of leading scientists were misrepresented in the foundation’s Big Questions advertisements. Templeton’s mission, Bains concludes, is to promote religion, and its overtures to science are an insidious trick with the purpose of sneaking in God.”

London Prevent manager is ‘lead’ for Quilliam project financed by Templeton

Muslim reform through counter-insurgency

The crap science behind Quilliam’s counterinsurgency ‘viral’ campaign

“A global reach of over 500 million in just 7 days. That’ll be the results of our recent viral campaign for Quilliam.”



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