Are you fed up with the media? Well this is what we do about it

This is how we change the information game — for everyone

by Nafeez Ahmed

Are you fed up with the media? Do you realise that much of the mainstream press is broken? That alternative media is often ineffective, confused or even insane?

Without a strong, independent press, democracies erode. No matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, this is obvious — and it’s obviously happening right now.

If the above hits a nerve, then you know that something is deeply wrong. That something needs to change.

You have an opportunity, right here, right now, to be this change. We are launching PressCoin: an opportunity for you and those around you to fundamentally transform the media landscape.

PressCoin is a new cooperative crypto-infrastructure for participatory independent journalism.

PressCoin’s flagship platform is our investigative journalism publication, INSURGE intelligence, where we’ve pioneered fearless join-the-dots investigations that apply complex systems sciences to the world’s biggest challenges. But we’re also building interrelated platforms on election monitoring, local citizen journalism, and solutions journalism.

We’re going big. We’re issuing a total of 100 million PressCoin (NEWS) tokens, each worth $1 at launch.

So we’re not creating just another alternative media thing in the midst of a sea of impotence, clamouring for attention. We’re creating the world’s first powerful, independent citizen-powered media ecosystem that will put us in a position to, literally, take out our competition.

The far-right assholes at FOX? You got it. The faux liberals at The Guardian? Yep.

And guess what. It’s going to be owned by *you*: because every PressCoin token represents a real share in the company, and its value is backed by the assets of the entire system, including all our revenue streams (based primarily but not exclusively on subscriptions).

In short, we are going to be the first major global people-owned media co-operative on the planet. See this coverage of our project from VentureBeat:

So this is it, folks. We’re going to war.

We’re going to war, because the war has been on for a very long time, and we’re losing — the war against dissidents, the war against sovereignty, the war against freedom and liberty, the war on the poor, the war on the disenfranchised, the war on black and ethnic minorities, the war on the white working and middle class, the war on difference, the war on the diversity of life and species, the war on the oceans, the forests and the entire biosphere, the war on the planet and on all of us — the extraction war to take the world’s resources and monopolise them for a few.

This is a war that has been fought for centuries. And yes, many have fought back, and won minor battles. But right now, we’re nowhere near winning. The fate of our friends, families and communities, of our children, and their children, is at stake. Literally, as I’ve documented in this scientific monograph for Springer:

There’s no more time to waste. It’s time to stop scrapping, and start winning.

Our model

That’s why we decided to build PressCoin on the blockchain.

The blockchain offers us a programming code that allows us to automatically track in a secure and private system, all types of participation in our media platform(s) on a ‘distributed ledger’.

It also allows us to create a cryptocurrency, a digital medium of exchange, to capture the value of these transactions and interactions.

By using crypto in our revenue model, we are transforming how we fund journalism. So as we grow our readership, our subscription-base, etc., the total value of the PressCoin token also increases. It’s a real asset-backed crypto.

So this isn’t like Bitcoin, where energy-intensive ‘proof-of-work’ algorithms are deployed in ‘mining’ involving heavy computing operations to generate the digital coin. Rather, the PressCoin token is pegged to the aggregate value of our revenue streams.

And that value is distributed back to subscribers and participants based on their activity that contributes to the platform

insightful commentary that contributes to the body of intelligence we’re building, for instance (we have a new journalism format that flags up insights);

— analysis/ tips that generate new journalism (our new format encourages ‘commenters’ to grow into ‘contributors’);

— conversation that cultivates real-world actions (our format flags up actual actions that follow from insights);

— actions that create real-world projects meeting civic, economic, ecological needs (our platform itself will facilitate actually building new projects inspired by our journalism).

So you will earn PressCoin for positive participation that contributes to new, generative flows of information and action into the world.

The blockchain allows us to code in what sort of participation we want to incentivise, and what we want to disincentivise, and have it all work seamlessly.

And ultimately, any PressCoin you earn will be usable in the real-world based on our Cointype exchange, which enables zero-fee global exchanges between fiat and crypto currencies.

You can participate, invest and earn — and change the media paradigm — right now

Pre-sales are open. The main fundraise — known as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), in which we are creating and distributing our tokens — launches on December 11.

And you can participate immediately. We’ve created a bounty scheme where people can invest in purchasing tokens (right now, the minimum has been placed at 25 tokens equivalent to $25) — and can earn back their investment by participating in the promotion of PressCoin on your social networks — so liking, tweeting, sharing, etc.

To learn more, sign up to the PressCoin Slack channel where you can find out more about what we’re doing and the bounty scheme, and post up links/screenshots/etc re: your activity to redeem the bounty.

Together, we will make this the single biggest media ICO in the history of the planet, an event that, unlike any other ICO, will distribute revenue shares to all participants more fairly than ever. We — you and us, together — will be in a position to completely, utterly, change the media game by the New Year.

And we will begin to move rapidly into building a new information-action infrastructure, that translates real information into the cultivation of positive action: contributing to more resilient communities with increasing self-sovereignty over their own resources.

This is an opportunity to do something that begins to change everything. Jump on board.

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed is CEO of PressCoin. He is an award-winning 16-year investigative journalist and creator of INSURGE intelligence, a crowdfunded public interest investigative journalism project that is PressCoin’s flagship publication. He is ‘System Shift’ columnist at VICE’s Motherboard, a columnist at Middle East Eye, and previously reported on the geopolitics of the environment at The Guardian’s Earth Insight blog.

His work has also been published in the Independent on Sunday, The Independent, The Scotsman, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Quartz, New York Observer, The New Statesman, Prospect, Le Monde diplomatique, Raw Story, New Internationalist, Huffington Post UK, Al Ahram Weekly, Al-Arabiya English, AlterNet, The Ecologist, and Asia Times, among other places.

Nafeez has twice been featured in the Evening Standard’s top 1,000 list of most influential people in London and was awarded the Project Censored Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in 2015, the Routledge-GCSP Essay Prize in 2010, and the Premio Napoli (Naples Prize — Italy’s most prestigious literary award created by decree of the President) in 2003. His work has been used by the 9/11 Commission and the 7/7 Coroner’s Inquest.

His latest book, Failing States, Collapsing Systems: BioPhysical Triggers of Political Violence (Springer, 2017) is a scientific study of how climate, energy, food and economic crises are driving state failures around the world.