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Scratching an itch… checking Sanctions is painful

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At Agile Underwriting we have ~15 binders and two licenses and each of these come with an annual audit. If you’ve dealt with the compliance department at a Lloyd’s syndicate or an insurer you know it can be like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get.

The problem with running Sanctions Checks

  1. Lack of automation
    The lists are poorly managed by each regulatory authority and come in a variety of formats from csv to xml and there’s no API or documentation. Maintaining the lists that are always updating is also a challenge for the smaller players.
  2. Relevancy and reporting
    While it’s rare to get a positive match (at least in the lines we’re writing), performing the checks and then reporting on them has been difficult.
  3. Expensive solutions that focus on enterprise
    Most MGAs, brokers and TPAs do not need full Know Your Customer (KYC) integrations.

Scratching an itch

  1. Speed of development
    We wanted a RESTful API that was blindingly fast to integrate and hit with our own applications.
  2. Simplified solution
    Not everyone needs the API integration so we built a simple web-only version for compliance managers to use.
  3. Easy reporting for audits
    We built a simple way for customers to download reports of every sanctions check performed for a period to provide to their auditor.
  4. Cost effective pricing
    The alternative solutions in the market are feature heavy and expensive for a growing Insurtech or MGA.
  5. Multiple integration points
    Through our API customers are able to build simple integrations through services like Google Sheets, Zapier and



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