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3 min readJul 8, 2016


When it happens the famous «Will you marry me?», a person could react yelling Yes, yes, yes, with the eyes full of tears, or could start asking themselves an infinite number of questions.

And it’s a pattern that occurs often.

We have 2 kind of choices: the ones we answer to with our gut, like we have an unstoppable certainty, and the others, less immediate, which push us to take pen and paper and write down the useless list of pros and cons.

In the latest days, I’m in the second circumstance. I’m wandering wether or not to accept a great job offer in China. For that, unluckily I didn’t jump off the chair.

The questions are: «Do I really wanna go there? How can I manage what I have here? What am I gonna lose? What am I gonna gain? Will it be the right choice? And if I regretted to go?». The temptation of letting these thoughts destroy us is great. And the thought «Crap! If I don’t feel it in my gut, it should mean it’s wrong!» is very strong, and we risk to lose a great opportunity.

Any non-immediate choice is a chance to grow. But only if we are able to ask the right questions.

If I feel like going away, it means here something’s wrong. That I didn’t find what I need. Let’s start from here and proceed accordingly:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. What’s my problem here?
  3. How would I like to be? (same as: What am I looking for?)

Asking myself the right questions, I can use this Chinese offer to gain awareness of my reality, independently from the choice that I’ll do.

To help me out I used Intùiti, I chose a card for Where am I, one for What’s my problem here and a last one for How I would to be.

This is the result:

  1. I am in an unstable phase, in which I continue to ask: «What should I really do with my life?»
  2. I am stuck in the constructions I made around me, in the choices I took long ago and that are limiting me.
  3. I need to expand. I need to have something more elevate to look to, and I need to feel an explosion in that direction.

The matter of the China then goes to another level. This offer shows a deeper problem: that I really need to change things and expand myself. It doesn’t matter if I do it in Asia or here. Now that the wheel is spinning, I cannot look the other way: I’ll have to change anyway.

If you wanna try this kind of test with Intùiti, just ask the right questions, choose some cards from here and read in the book of the complete study the meanings of the archetypes.

And if you want to know more, check the official website.



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intùiti stories

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