2018 INT Gaia Project Launch

INT, targeting at making a different world is now formally launching the 2018 INT (Internet Node Token) Gaia Project. INT hope to draw on the wit, flair, imagination, ingenuity and technological strength to build a distinctive IoT blockchain ecosystem through the Project and deliver Gaia Theory of a new era.

The Gaia Project includes two parts:

1. Tech BoT — INT Global Developer Community Website Launch

2. Competitions

Article competition
Design competition

INT Global Developer Community Website Launch

INT aims to build on the existing INT community and create a stronger ecosystem to incubate interest, ideas, insights, technical experience, and attract top talents to create a global INT Developer Community. We have set five development streams:

1. Technology sharing: mutual communication, discussion, and technical problem solving;

2. Technology incentives: your technical contributions and recommendations will be rewarded;

3. Community activities: we will offer a variety of special events online and offline;

4. Technical competitions: competitions to help bring out the best ideas and suggestions;

5. Project cooperation: we bring together global resources to maximize the value of technology.

Join the community: http://tech.intchain.io/?lang=en


We are conducting a competition for our community to see who can come up with the best ideas and thoughts relating to INT. The competition comes in two parts: 1) Content, and 2) Design. Do you have an innate understanding of IoT and blockchain and you want to let everyone know who amazing IoT and INT technically are? Are you a design/marketing whiz and have an astute creative vision on how INT can be presented? This is a chance to reveal your talent and bring out the best of yourselves and INT.

1. Article Competition

INT has been taking important steps and we have been working with community members who have written excellent technical articles relating to the INT ecosystem. We think this is important as it shows how well our white-paper, project, potential IoT applications, and proposed technical solutions have been taken in and understood by the community. We would like to hear more about your thoughts relating to INT. To enter the competition, you must submit an article written by yourself about anything you wish to discuss relating to INT and related technologies. There will be multiple winners and several prizes for the best articles.

A few sample topics:

Technical study about BoT (Blockchain of Things).

Future applications of BoT industry.

Insights, reflections or stories sharing during community interaction or engagement.


First prize (1 winner): 15000 INT

Second prize (2 winners): 10000 INT

Third prize (3 winners): 8000 INT

Excellence prize (10 winners): 2000 INT

Participation prize (all participants): 500 INT per article approved


Submission: Aug 27 — Oct 10

Evaluation: Oct 11 — Oct 24

Publicity: Oct 30

Submission Method

Please send your article to our email: article@intchain.io together with personal profile, contact information and your wallet address.

2. Design Competition

We are looking for a proof of concept design for INT branding. The design should not alter the existing INT logo, although it doesn’t have to include the logo. However, it does have to be clear that the design represents INT (Internet Node Token) and ideally can go with the “Make a different world” motto theme. However, including the motto words in the design is not necessary. The design can be anything you like, and the idea is that the design can be put onto merchandise, such as a T-shirt, pen, or mug, for example, and will look distinct, clear, and attractive.


All eligible submissions will be selected by community vote + INT brand team, and 10 outstanding works will be selected. The rewards are as follows:

1. 1 best design: 12000 INT + the first batch of trial gifts

2. 1 best creativity: 8000 INT + the first batch of trial gifts

3. 1 best spread: 8000 INT + the first batch of trial gifts

4. 1 best practicality: 8000 INT + the first batch of trial gifts

5. The remaining shortlisted works will win the finalist award, rewarding 2000INT + the first batch of trial gifts;

6. All designs approved will receive a participation award: 500 INT+1 trial gift.


Submission: Aug 27 — Sep 20

Evaluation: Sep 21 — Sep 30

Publicity: Oct 10

Submission method:

Within the submission period, send no less than 3 images of the design work and idea description to the dedicated email address: design@intchain.io, with a personal profile, contact information and e-wallet address.

The form is not limited. Hand-painted and electronic design works are accepted; The designs should be submitted as .jpeg image files.

For more information about the competitions, please click here. Look forward to your participation!

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