INT Chain
INT Chain
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Technology R&D

1. Main chain

INT public chain was first released on 1st February 2018. Since then, INT team has carried out code refactoring and layering, developed an upgraded version of the chain which is more applicable for actual application scenarios in IoT, and released a global public beta version of the chain. After several months of R&D in core design, INT team successfully implemented a P2P network communication protocol, consensus algorithm, and smart contracts, and released a working testnet on 14th December 2018. At present, INT team is following up on feedback submitted by users and community to continue improving the main chain. Mainnet, token swap, and node election are expected to be launched in mid-late January.

2. Wallet and explorer

INT team has accomplished the development of web wallet, full-node wallet, and explorer and is constantly testing and optimizing the products.

3. Official website

In February 2018, INT team completed the first revision of the official website. Based on the requirement of mainnet, the new version of the official website with more functionality and a better user experience will be launched soon.

Business Cooperation

1. INT Chain’s first use case Esurfing Blockchain Router

INT’s Esurfing Blockchain Router, designed and developed in partnership with Zhejiang Telecom was released. Its pre-sale started on the Taobao online store on 11th November. At present, all the pre-sale orders have been delivered to the buyers.

2. IoT applications

INT Chain successively won project bids for a prison in Linshui, and a passenger station in Quzhou, as well as having in-depth negotiations with multiple companies in the fields of smart logistics, smart medical care, smart property rights, new energy, and counterfeit detection.

3. Two “Blockchain + Internet of Vehicles” invention patents

INT team conducted in-depth research on “Blockchain + Internet of Vehicles”, and successfully submitted two invention patents: vehicle overspeed detection module, and vehicle detection system.

Community Development

After a year of development, having already built a social media presence on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and WeChat, INT Chain expanded to other channels such as Bitcoin Talk, Medium,, and Quora. INT’s domestic and global community reached 108,701 users.

Exchange Listing

During 2018, INT Chain was listed on OKEX, FCoin, Debi, Bitfinex and Ethfinex exchanges. The preliminary globalised trading plan is complete.

Activity Operations

In the past year, INT team held more than 15 online marketing activities and attended over 20 offline conferences in Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, The Philippines, Myanmar, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Wenzhou.

In 2019, INT mainnet will be released and an ecosystem of DApps will be built on INT Chain. INT team will endeavor to craft INT’s own core products and business model and focus on DAPP development, the global community, applications, and blockchain technology innovation.

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INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.

INT Chain

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INT Chain

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INT Chain

INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.

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