INT Bi-Weekly Report 2018.12.31–1.11

2019 New Year Message

Dear INT community members,

Greetings to you all!

“Time flies so fast, day by day left us.” We have ushered in New Year 2019. I’d like to extend my sincere New Year wishes to you all.

2018 has been a full year, and we approached it with steadfast determination.

This year, we advanced the main chain solidly, from the main chain 1.0 and 2.0 to testnet, we accomplished the development and improvement of the core design of INT Chain.

This year, INT Chain’s first use case product- INT’s Esurfing Blockchain Router, designed and developed in partnership with Zhejiang Telecom was produced and marketed. We made the first step in applying INT Chain to the real world.

This year, INT domestic and international community developed rapidly, reaching 108,701 members. I had in-depth communications and discussion with members from France, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China and other countries. I am grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement.

This year, we steadily pushed forward the INT globalized trading plan. INT was listed on OKEx, Bitfinex, FCoin, etc.

2019 will see both opportunities and challenges that will require us to stay true to the mission and continue moving forward bravely.

In 2019, INT team will make all efforts to upgrade the mainnet, encourage R&D of DApp, build global ecosystem and develop use case products.

Looking at the world, a boom and bust cycle occurs repeatedly in market. No matter what these changes bring, INT will remain resolute in our commitment to implement the vision of “Make a different world” and strive to push forward the technological progress to contribute to the blockchain’s development.

On this auspicious occasion of the New Year, let’s embrace 2019 with confidence and anticipation!

Best wishes to you all. And best wishes to INT Chain.

Yin Xiangyu

Head of INT Chain

I. R&D Progress

Current Progress

[Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain]

  1. Since the launch of the INT Chain testnet and related products on December 14, the team has been continuously collecting feedback from users on product experiences such as testnet, web wallet, explorer, and full-node wallet. In the meantime, the team discussed corresponding solutions. At present, all the problems in the testnet and related products have been solved. (100%)
  2. The relevant security audit work after the INT Chain joined the Slowmist Zone is still in an orderly process. The team highly values the problems raised by the community members in the bounty programme, and quickly proposed countermeasures and implementation plans. At this stage, all problems have been solved. The team will continue to pay attention to other problems that may occur in the bounty programme.(100%)
  3. The technical team has completed the optimization of the tx and block broadcast process, simultaneously, a series of stress tests around the main chain have come to an end. (100%)
  4. The destructive testing and business testing on all rpc interfaces have been completed. Recently, the team has also improved several query interfaces. All work around the rpc interface is now complete. Next, the team will continue to complement and improve based on developer’s feedback and new business features. (100%)
  5. Concerning the main chain memory release issue, the technical team completed the storage optimization of temporary files and logs to further optimize the disk storage space and enhance the user experience; (85%)
  6. With respect to the impersonation problem in the P2P network, after the initial draft of a solution, the INT technical team conducted repeated evaluations and verifications on the solution ideas and methods. Finally, a complete and effective solution was confirmed after discussions on the technical details. (100%)
  7. At present, the preparation work of the INT mainnet launch has been started. The INT team is working day and night to sort out the relevant information and codes of the mainnet, in order to facilitate the user to remove some unnecessary logs. (70%)
  8. The revamp of the INT official website has been completed and relevant optimization work on content, layout and interface is complete. (100%)

[ INT wallet and blockchain explorer improvement]

  1. In response to the feedbacks from users, the INT team actively followed up and solved all the problems. The team will further improve the product according to the user feedback. (100%)
  2. The new blockchain explorer test and optimization work continued, and the technical team fixed several bugs. The relevant problems have been solved, and the team will continue to follow up to solve problems that may occur; (95%)
  3. The technical team carried out a series of fixing work on the full-node wallet after receiving the feedbacks of users, and new functions required have also been developed. Next, the team will continue to follow up the optimization of product features and usage. (98%)

Next Step Plan

1. Continue preparation work related to INT mainet launch.

2. Continue to test and optimize the blockchain explorer;

3. Continue to improve and optimize the full-node wallet.

II. Business Cooperation

Current Progress

[INT Esurfing Blockchain Router]

The whole system development and hardware testing of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router had been completed and the Router is running perfectly. The team is continuously monitering the running status. As the first use case product, INT Esurfing Blockchain Router has drawn great attention by INT global community. The first batch of pre-sale products had been produced and was delivered on January 1st. Now The operation platform of the router is live now.

[Partial delivery of equipment for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang]

The equipment installing and commissioning for the prison project in Lishui, Zhejiang is progressing in an orderly manner. In response to the problem of equipment system operation scenario switching, after the technical team repeatedly adjusted and modified the parameters, some of the parameter ratios were finally determined, and the equipment commissioning work achieved initial results. For the operational status and performance of the delivered equipment, the technical members continue to follow up and test repeatedly to ensure that the equipment is running flawlessly. Up to now, 80% of the project funds have been received, and a small amount of equipment is still in tight commissioning.

[Promotion of the passenger station smart IoT project in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

Previously, INT was invited to participate in the bidding for the smart IoT project of a passenger station in Quzhou, Zhejiang. With outstanding technical advantages and rich project application experience, INT was recognized by the project party and won the bid immediately. Recently, the results of the bidding have been publicized. The two parties are communicating in-depth on the specific details of the contract and discuss the application of technology. The INT team explains the underlying technical logic and implementation methods to the project party.

Next Step Plan

[Follow-up on the use of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router]

Since the operation platform of the router was live, INT will continue to follow up and pay attention to the use of INT Esurfing Blockchain Router, solve the problems that users may encounter during the use, and further optimize the products for related problems.

[Promotion of the passenger station smart IoT project in Quzhou, Zhejiang]

Recently, the result of the bidding was publicized, and INT became the technology supplier for the project. INT will conduct technical discussions and scenario analysis on some demands conveyed by the project party in the discussion, initially put forward technical ideas and make further communication with the project party in order to promote the unification of the two sides in technical cooperation.

III. Activities and Operations

Current Progress

[Yin Xiangyu, the Head of INT China, attended 2018 Blockchain Meet-up in Beijing]

On December 28th, 2018, the Blockchain Meet-up was held in Beijing. Mr. Yin Xiangyu, the head of INT China, on behalf of INT, attended the event. The meet-up was organized by the well-known domestic media Nvxia blockchain and gathered the most credible project parties, representatives and investors to talk about the current market and solutions.

During the meet-up, Mr.Yin Xiangyu was invited to share the current progress and future plan of INT, which aroused much attention from the present guests. When talking about how the blockchain project survives in such a market, Mr. Yin Xiangyu said: “To operate a project as a company, to develop a core product and business model that belongs to INT”.

[INT attended the GBLS Global Blockchain Annual Ceremony]

On January 7th, Mr. Yin Xiangyu, the Head of INT China, was invited to attend the 2018 GBLS Global Blockchain Annual Ceremony held in Hangzhou. This ceremony was hosted by China’s well-known blockchain conference brand GBLS, and jointly participated by authoritative experts and scholars in the field of the blockchain, media and institutions. This ceremony was defined as the first event of blockchain industry with 1,000 industry giants, 2,000 media, and 3,000 companies.

At the meeting, Mr. Yin Xiangyu conducted in-depth communication and discussions with industry experts from DApp development service providers, private cloud providers and public chain project parties about mainnet technology, applications, project experience of INT. Meanwhile, on behalf of Mr. Kong Huawei, Mr. Yin also received the annual blockchain art expert award from the conference. In the year of the blockchain industry’s development, INT has always sought the best application of block technology in the field of Internet of Things with the deepest temperament, based on the present and looking into the future.

[INT Chain corporate video was officially released]

On December 29, 2018, INT Chain corporate video was released on YouTube, Tencent, Iqiyi, Youku, and Tudou.

This video briefly explains the advantages of INT blockchain technology in the development and application of the Internet of Things. It introduces the underlying technology, algorithm mechanism, R&D application and project cooperation of INT. The INT community is welcome to follow the official INT channels or watch and download the video via the link below.


[Video of INT Chain Node Plan Preview]

On January 8, 2019, Dr. Xiang Ruofei, the chief scientist of INT, announced the time of the INT Chain node plan release in the form of video, and called on the community to actively participate in the node election.

Dr. Xiang mentioned in the video that 2019 is a crucial year for INT Chain. INT will officially launch the mainnet in mid-to-late January and accelerate the construction of a new IoT ecological journey. In January, INT will start the election for the Thearchy nodes. Any individual or organization can participate in the election according to the guidelines or requirements of the node plan. The Thearchy nodes will be elected by the INT global community and become the partners of the INT official team to perfect the operation of INT Chain.

[INT’s new official website was officially released]

On January 9th, the new official website was released. Considering the mainnet launch requirements and brand positioning and suggestions from community and experts, INT Chain revamped the official website, redesigning the overall style, interface, functions, etc. The new website includes more sections such as explorer, wallet, application, team and Dev. community.

The upgraded website provides a brand-new platform to broadcast INT project and make community better understand INT Chain and better engage in the building of INT global IoT ecosystem especially with the approaching of mainnet and node election.

[INT Chain Thearchy Node Plan was officially released]

On January 10th, the INT Chain Thearchy node plan was officially released globally. The plan includes the node plan ecological blueprint, incentives, penalty mechanism, election details, node configuration, vote guide and other information. Individuals and organizations interested in participating can start deployment and prepare for the election based on the guidelines and requirements of the node plan.

The basis for Thearchy Node generation is the INT consensus algorithm — DPoS+dBFT, which realize high TPS while ensuring the fairness of node election. INT Chain “Thearchy Node” will be generated by the community voting and there will be 13 Thearchy Nodes. The INT Foundation will officially launch the Thearchy Node election at the time of mainnet launch. By then 13 Thearchy Nodes will jointly build the INT Chain global ecosystem. the INT team expects to spend 20 million INT per year as node rewards by 2023. Welcome INT Community members to actively participate in the election of the Thearchy nodes, to become candidates for the Thearchy nodes or to vote for the candidates.

Next Step Plan

[INT Chain second AMA concerning node plan]

INT Chain’s first online AMA (Ask Me Anything) was successfully held, INT has constantly received many questions from community members. Since the node plan is released INT plans to hold the second AMA in the INT Chain Offical telegram channel at 17:30 on January 12th. Join link:

This AMA will also invite Dr. Xiang Ruofei, the chief scientist of INT, to answer questions to the node plan from the community. We sincerely invite technical enthusiasts and community members to actively submit questions and have a discussion with Dr. Xiang Ruofei on node plan.

[INT Chain mainnet launch related work]

At present, the team has started to prepare for the mainnet launch, including a series of marketing activities, DApp development materials based on the mainnet, and the Thearchy Node plan election. INT team hopes all community members to actively keep track of the announcements related to the mainnet launch and actively participate in the development and application of the INT mainnet.

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