INT Bi-Weekly Report 2019.7.1–7.12

INT Chain
INT Chain
Jul 12 · 4 min read

Keywords in this issue:

Technology: main chain technology, optimization for Smart Wallet and browser

Business: INT Chain Internet of Vehicles OBD device Math Wallet, Oracle project, Coingame, Blockchain Application Association of CFLP

Operations: INT Chain global ambassador program, INT Chain monthly mainnet data report(June), peripheral products, Smart Wallet for iOS

R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

  • The development of bdt protocol 2.0 was completed, and integration of bdt protocol 2.0 into Mainnet is ongoing. (50%)
  • Determined the implementation of WASM standard to the main chain, specific development work is underway (60%).
  • Complete the new smart contract compatibility with EVM (75%).
  • The consensus protocol optimization for the mainnet 4.0(new version) is in progress (60%)
  • New version of RPC module development work is in progress (65%)
  • Continue to solve some bugs feedback from SlowMist Zone(40%)
  • Solved a bug which caused the new developing INT Chain 4.0 consensus to not generate blocks continuously

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

  • Continue to improve the mainnet Web wallet.
  • Continue to improve the blockchain explorer.
  • Continue to push the development of mapping function and node plan.
  • Mobile wallet for iOS is released, fixed some bugs and optimized user experience (100%)

Business Cooperation

Current progress

  • INT Chain cooperation with an Oracle project

INT Chain has reached a cooperation agreement with a well-known oracle service project. The cooperation announcement will be released later and the technical cooperation will come thereafter.

  • INT Chain Internet of vehicle OBD device

INT Chain continued discussions with a large-scale distribution network of over 100,000 potential customers and sellers, and initiated plans for a sales model and channel integration of the Internet of Vehicle OBD device. Concurrently, INT Chain has also reached an agreement with a large-scale Internet of Vehicle device manufacturer and will continue to discuss the cooperation in detail.

  • INT Chain communicated with Blockchain Application Association of CFLP

INT Chain is communicating with Blockchain Application Association of CFLP. Two parties will continue discussions about IoT and blockchain resources, popularization of industry knowledge, blockchain application, and standard setting.

  • Coingame cooperation

Our team is communicating with Coingame and discussing the cooperation of INT Chain in game ecology. The two parties will further discuss cooperation in this gaming application scenario.

Activity operation

Current progress

  • INT Chain monthly mainnet data report(June)

INT Chain monthly mainnet data report (June) was released on July 4. It shows the operation of the mainnet in June, covers generated block data, thearchy node data, the mainnet TX data.

The data shows that the total number of addresses increased by 19% in June, a total of 38 nodes participated in the block generation. The proportion of the blocks generated by each node is very balanced and total votes are more than 120 million.

  • INT Chain peripheral products are released

On July 4, INT Chain peripheral products (cushion & umbrella) were released.INT Chain Chinese community held a lucky draw, which are supported by many community members. We will give more peripheral products to our global community members for their support.

  • INT Chain Global Ambassador Program follow-up report

On July 5, INT Chain announced that Olivier(@cryptotimal)became our global ambassador. Olivier is from France, with a legal background and has been a journalist for several years before working in digital marketing and community management.

He has a good knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, custody, economics, and trading. He has translated dozens of texts and whitepapers for several big companies and projects in the crypto industry. As an ambassador, he has launched a French YouTube channel “Crypto Timal” to share daily crypto news and information about INT Chain. We will continue to choose more global ambassadors from a variety of fields, such as technology, media, business, etc.

  • INT Chain official digital asset wallet — Smart Wallet for iOS is officially released

Since the release of Smart Wallet for Android June 25, its iOS counterpart was subsequently released on July 6. Our technical team will continuously to optimize Smart Wallet, with a view to accommodate more international users. Smart Wallet will support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, and Spanish. We will also upgrade more functions and develop various Dapps, such as Staking Economy, games, charity, etc.

INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.

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INT Chain

INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.