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INT Mainnet 4.0 Launched|Node Migration and Token Mapping

Dear INT community:

INT 4.0 was officially launched and running at 18:18 on the 18th of 2021(UTC+8), which is a memorable moment. As of now, INT has officially entered the stage of ecological construction. This is a small victory in a stage, which is a small victory, a challenge, and the beginning of long-term development.

With the launch of Mainnet 4.0, we will release INT’s node migration and token mapping work. More details are shown as follows:

Mainnet 4.0

Compared with the INT 3.0 mainnet, the INT team has upgraded the mainnet 4.0 in the following aspects:

1. Further abstract the smart contract and virtual machine layer, making the entire technical architecture clearer;

2. Expand the original smart contract, complete the compatibility with EVM, and initially complete the compatibility with WASM, which can support the writing of smart contracts in multiple languages, and the execution efficiency has been improved;

3. Improved the new IPBFT consensus protocol based on PBFT (Practical Byzantine Algorithm), enhanced online governance, and improved efficiency;

4. Introduced multiple governance parameters on the chain, added a punishment mechanism for evil, and promoted more efficient and fair community governance;

5. Preliminarily realized the function of non-interactive zero-knowledge proof for anonymous transactions, and smart contracts will also be protected by privacy;

6. Improved P2P protocol design, supports UDP NAT penetration, supports multiple operators and IPv6, improves the success rate of P2P connections, stabilizes the DHT structure of topology analysis, and improves the efficiency and redundancy of broadcast messages

Mainnet 4.0 Github address:

Node migration

The INT 4.0 has been officially launched, and the INT 3.0 node rewards stop distributing when the block height reaches 7,830,000 (expected this Thursday). Please refer to the “Node Migration Guide” to gradually withdraw from the INT 3.0 validator list and migrate your node to the mainnet 4.0.

“Node Migration Guide”:

Token map

The token map window:

This mapping will be done on a 1:1 ratio and will not affect any holder’s balance. Once the mapping is completed, the mainnet 4.0 token can no longer be converted to the mainnet 3.0 token.

“INT 4.0 Mapping Guide”:


(1) Supports INT mapping with a minimum unit of 10 to the power of -18.

(2) If you choose window mapping, after filling in your private key, the system will automatically obtain that balance and map the full amount by default and cannot be changed manually.

(3) Spam may occur during token mapping, never send your INT to another private wallet address for token mapping.

(4) The old INT tokens that have completed mapping will be destroyed and cannot be reused and will not count towards circulation.

(5) To participate in node voting, the mapped INT 4.0 tokens remain in the INT 4.0 wallet and participate in voting through staking.

The guide to INT 4.0 staking and voting:

Wallet configuration and usage

The INT 4.0 mainnet involves a variety of different wallets as follows:

Web wallet:

INT web wallet:

Functions include: create the wallet, view wallet information, transfer, token mapping, node voting (stake, vote, unstake), etc. (more INT 3.0 wallet functions are being migrated)

MetaMask (Browser wallet)

Functions include: address creation, transfer, smart contract related operations

“ INT version MetaMask user guide”:

Mobile wallet

1. imtoken wallet:

Functions include: address creation, transfer, smart contract related operations

“INT version imtoken wallet usage guide”:

2. INT Smart wallet

INT Smart wallet (compatibility under development, it is not available for INT 4.0 now)

Block explorer

INT 4.0 block explorer:

The block explorer makes it easy to view details of all blocks, transactions, addresses, and tokens on the chain and track the latest list of nodes.

Please follow the guide and perform token mapping, wallet network configuration, and other operations in time.

INT 4.0 tokens will be sent within 7 working days, please feel free to contact INT official customer service if you have any questions.

Thank you for your attention and support in the past 4 years, and we look forward to moving forward together in the INT 4.0 era.

INT Team

August 18, 2021



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