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Jan 16 · 4 min read

Dear INT Community,

We are excited to announce that INT Chain’s Token Swap is right around the corner! This guide is to help everyone understand about some important dates, processes and information that might be helpful. Thank you all for your patience and support through this process.

What is Called Token Swap

Currently, the tokens that INT investors hold to trade are ERC20 tokens, which are based on the Ethereum network. Now, as we move to our independent mainnet, we begin exchanging the ERC20 INT tokens to INT Mainnet Coin, a native coin for the INT Mainnet. INT investors are now able to swap their ERC20 INT for the INT Mainnet Coin at INT Web wallet or any of the participating exchanges.

Token Swap Schedule

Start simultaneously with mainnet launch (long-term effective). There will be an announcement for any changes.

Token Swap Process

This will be a 1:1 swap (1 ERC20 INT = 1 Mainnet INT), which will not impact any INT supporters’ balance. Please be aware that it is irreversible once you finish the token swap.

*Important Notice

1. All the units of ERC20 INT can be mapped. 10–18 is the smallest unit supported.

2. During the process of token swap through INT web wallet, the system automatically shows the INT balance in the ETH wallet after entering the private key. All of the balance will be mapped once, which cannot be manually changed.

3. There may be SCAM attempts during token swap. Never send your INT to an individual wallet for the token swap process.

4. ERC20 INT tokens that have been swapped will be burned and will no longer be used. The burned ERC20 tokens will not be in the total circulation amount.

5. Please keep in mind that in order to vote in the INT Thearchy Node Elections, you must transfer your INT Mainnet Coin to the INT Wallet and mortgage them to vote.

6. After the Token Swap, the system will distribute the user INT Mainnet Coin in the INT wallet address within a certain period of time.

Token Swap Methods: (Exchanges and Wallets)

The Token Swap will be implemented through the exchanges that we are listed on and our INT Web wallet.

Exchange Token Swap

If you choose to swap through exchanges, the exchanges will help you complete. For more details, please refer to the official notices released by exchanges.

Wallet Token Swap

Wallet Address:

  1. Click on Mapping in the navigation bar.

2. Enter the private key of ETH wallet that needs to be mapped. The ETH wallet address and INT balance will be displayed automatically.

3. Enter the private key of INT mainnet wallet that has been created;(the wallet address will be displayed automatically.)

4. The mapping consumes a very small amount of ETH as gas fee. Please make sure that the ETH wallet address used for mapping contains sufficient ETH. The gas price and limit can be modified as needed.

5. Click on mapping.

6. Confirm the above information. Cancel if there is an error; confirm if it is correct.

7. This page shows operation success, and you can click on the URL to check whether the mapping is successful. Under normal circumstances, all can be successful. Or check whether there is the same amount of INT in the mapped INT wallet address after the token swap.

If you have additional questions regarding the token swap, please submit your questions to email:

Please complete the token swap for your convenience and pay attention to our updated information.

Thank you sincerely for your support.

INT Team

Jan. 16, 2019

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INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.

INT Chain

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INT Chain

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INT Chain

INT Chain

INT Chain is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard which is object-oriented IoT and based on economic driving mode.

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