Why Bitcoin Will Go To 1 Trillion USD— Fast explanation for bank employees & “Bitcoin is a bubble” profets

USD Dollar will bankrupte; with it, bank system, with it, global economy, & with it, goverments. I know that is a risk statement, but if you are not in the blockchain revolution [if you are in it you can jump this article] its better you know the times that comes in 2018.

The hiperinflation will dominate the worldwide economy; if you have usd dollars you will have, in some years, cheap toilet paper. The transaction of trillions dollars from banks into blockchain will make millonaries Bitcoin & Altcoins & ICOs investors, and poor the bank system believers; because blockchain will dominate economy, and onshore banks, as we meet, will disappear from the system.

I spect you see why will happen this; the question is never, absolutely never, what is today Bitcoin’s price; the question is what will happen when USD dollar and bank system crash, and we enter in the biggest recession ever seen — the centralization bankrupt and its remplazation — descentralization.

Centralizaed system is dying. Don’t be part of it.

This will happen [its happening now] from 2018

One — Hiperinflation, high interest rates & devaluation of fiat currencies.
European Central Bank impress 60 billion euros per month for paying their own debt, FED, t-r-i-l-l-i-o-n-s dollars. You can ask any economy student of the smallest college of your country what happen when the devaluation of a currency is accompanied with a huge impression for paying their own debt. Hiperinflation in Eur & Usd will create a worldwide hiperinflation, because global economy imitate the behavior of this 2 currencies.

Let’s say clearly — the crash of the dollar is the crash of economy, and USD it has been in a devaluation from 1971 when we finish with the gold standart and the Bretton Woods treaty. Interest rates and inflation have a big correlation, and we will see the highest rates starting in 2018; this will make all world debt higher, and I can guarantee you that‘s won’t finish so good.

The hiperinflation, the devaluation, the highest interes rates and the no payed debt, are the first step for the historical fiat money and bank system crash.

Two — 2018–2022, the biggest recession ever. Be aware
Due to hiperinflation and devaluation, people [included bitcoin haters] will move their money from banks into blockchain. But, wait, our money its there? Or its only a digit in our online bank account?

Well, bank system its a ponzi [And Not Bitcoin]. Banks can’t work if there is not constantly more money entering. Our money go anonymously to liquidity providers banks, and then to stock market; that’s hoy bank system rules the world economy with our accounts, and thats the only reason why liquidity providers created the modern stock market 150 yrs ago— to rule the economy.

Some of the famouses liquidity providers are Bank of America, Deutche Bank and Saxo Bank, and all the money from small banks go to this banks, and all the banks are ruled by the sames families [Rothchild, etc.] When everybody take their money from banks, liquidity providers need to quit from stock market for giving it to the masses; that’s why always when happen a financial corralito, stock market crash. This crash will happen from 2018 to 2022, aproximetly.

But this time will be really hard for the ones who “have” their money in banks, as well as for banks. For first time in history, the constantly money entering in banks will be replaced for the constantly money going out from them, and entering in the blockchain. It’s obvious, people want to have money, don’t paper. The recession will not be more than the money transaction from banks to blockchain.

Three — Crypto Market Capitalization will be World GDP before 2030
Economy will be absolutley tokenizated. All the money in any type of financial product will be converted into tokens. All. The token market capitalization will be equal to the world GDP, but more yet [we need to count the black money, with more than a 37 trillion usd market per year].

Big part of that capitalization will go to Bitcoin. Bitcoin will be 1 trillion usd before 2030.

Today token market cap is less than 300 billion. Tomorrow will be more than 966 trillion.

Exactly, blockchain will absolutely kill banks and centralized system.

If you are in Bitcoin & you plan never sell, welcome to the greatness. But If you aren’t in it, I recommend you pondering all this info. You are at time