Developed Thoughts on Violence

Over the Past twelve weeks I have participated in an on going conversation about violence (some thing I have never done before). Though I admit I entered into this reluctantly. I was not as first, interested in talking about violence for this length of time. For one, I didn’t think that there was going to be enough content to discuss for 18 hours. Simply, I assuringly as well as my classmates understood violence = bad, now what? Thought this was not the case. We covered many ethical questions regarding violence that sparked great debate. Since this class has ended and our 18 hours have run out, I am left with many questions. Not because there are no answers but because in hind sight 18 hours is barely enough time to scratch the surface of the broad topic that is Violence. There are just so many variables to paint all violence with the same brush.

I had my own opinions and ideas about violence coming into this class and had never considered if they were right or wrong. This class encouraged to verbalize our thoughts and feels to the entire class and of course we didn’t all have to same opinions. This made for interesting conversations. One conversation that seemed to spark controversy among us was wreathed or not spanking children was acceptable. People shared stories about their different upbringings and how that influenced the kind of parents they will become. Of all the conversation this one brought the class closest to the fifty percent pro/con divide. Even if i don’t agree with everyone, it was interesting to hear the other sides opinion and rationals. Culture, where they ( or they parents) grew up and what was the norm there , number of siblings etc. played a roll in opinion formation surrounding this topic. Exploring definitions was important in our conversations, ie, how much force was too much, what is considered appropriate, who accounts for a guardian and should they have they right to inflict physical punishment.

My main lingering question from this course is this, I understand that we all have different backgrounds, different parents, different cultures, traditions and religions but none of this speaks directly to why we consider violence to be an option or solution in any situation. The question of nature vs. nurture has come up several times this semester. We just seem to keep coming back to it. I have read many articles and heard lots of opinions on this debate. Though I feel like i’m spinning my wheels a bit because for every nature agreement there seems to be an equally well supported nurture argument. I suppose i’m looking for a black or white answer and maybe sometime it just doesn’t apply. This class has allowed to sharpen my critical thinking skills. By paying attention to the author, intended audience, source and context I have become more competent in gauging and weighing the opinions and facts presented for several sides. I think about what I would do with answer when/ if it became scientific and indisputable. Would I be disappointed in society for all of their common violent actions or would I become weighted down by an unbelievable truth. I have decided that knowing the answer could be just as frustrating as not knowing. At least this way I can have hope that violence is nurtured and not just a fact of life.

I’ve learned that all of the grey area surrounding what is right/ wrong, acceptable/ too much, a right/a privilege is what makes law making so controversial. Ideally everybody should be able to agree upon and adhere to laws but this is not the case. The right to bare arms is a example of this that seems to divide a culture, nation and continent at this point. My opinion is on the debate would be laugh off the table if i was on a policy creating committee i’m sure. I’d prefer for fire arms to only be possessed by like likes of police officers, rigorously trained on ethic sand obligations, when to draw a weapon and when to use different forms of verbal communication. I strongly believe that at this point there should be no need for automatic weapons in the hands of the public. Regarding hunting, I understand that if has been a past time for centuries but if your intent on killing animals for food our sport, possiblly you could travel back in time a few hundred more years and practice to techniques of trapping, and bow and arrow.

All thing considered this was a great class that certainly opened my eyes to many issues and events that may have slipped by my radar without a second thought. I find myself conducting a more though research of topics then previously, as I may have read some bias click bate and miss took it for the truth. Violence exists in many forms, I am now beginning to posses the skills to form thoughtful opinions and support them if critical arguments. This will help me to contribute and construct the future i want to live in.

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