Violence — 2nd Reflection

At the beginning of this course, I expressed how I very limited knowledge of violence as a concept. I didn’t understand the inner workings of how and why violence happens. I didn’t realize that there are so many aspects of violence and it can take on so many forms and stems from various places: nature vs nurture, genetics, biology, etc. Through this class, I feel that I have gained a greater understanding of violence and the many forms that it takes. Admittedly, it is still a difficult idea to grasp onto, but certainly important and beneficial to learn about. Learning about violence allows us to to think deeper about the world and what is going on.

Additionally, through my reasearch for my final paper, I learned a lot about the intensity of riots and the violence within them. Riots are often seem as “thugs” acting out for fun, as most violence is often seen, but I have learned that some violence stems from such deep seeded cultural, social and political issues that, to the participants, violence is the only way to be seen and heard. A history of tragedy, injustice and inequality can lead groups to fight back, and it’s interesting to think that some violence feels more justified than others because of the immense suffering leading to the point of action. There are many factors that lead to group factors including social, political, economical, cultural and racial issues. Sometimes, when words aren’t being heard, violence seems like the only choice left.

Through this course I have mostly learned that understanding violence is so different to every person. Some people will never accept violence, even if it is in self-defense or otherwise. Others believe sometimes violent acts are necessary in certain situations. And even more interestingly — some of the people against violence are unaware that they too have been violent, perhaps not physically, but there are many other forms of violence such as psychological, sexual and emotional violence. I feel as though I have a better understanding of violence and have begun to grasp how complex and detailed the subject really is.