Getting teenagers

This weekend Vince’s dream came true: our Edumap development conquered cover.

The statistical application designed for OFI shows among others clearly, that more kids fail at school in Borsod county, while Tolna region is the place where the number of teachers employed is highest.

”There are 3 aspects which are worth spending money on in long term” explains Jozsef Regős, also called “The devil of Bükk”, while we slosh up the hill to see the cave of Istállóskő. By the way, this was the place on earth, where the first known flute was discovered.

So we should consider dealing more deeply with 3 areas if we would like to live in a more sustainable world, namely: research, education and environmental protection. The Edumap project affects 2 out of 3. Well done.

While Thamas’ Blackstar amp and Framous Diablo Pro guitar stroke my ears, Zoli made such a huge fire, that the hotel nearly burned down. We luckily survived.

Next day we rolled out the previous six years. From faces and from screenshots. Amazing to see how many people have been in connection with Vision Integral in various ways. Six years, about 50 web stuff, dozens of colleagues and customers.

However it was great to see all those spectacular references in one mound, it is clear, that not alone the results played role in Integral Vision’s evolution. It was obvious from the beginning that we are going to establish a community which will build its own values and processes, and where people are more important than any other circumstances, inclusive of customers and projects.

Summer, 2015 in Szilvásvárad, what I see is something like a fellowship. In the last two years projects like,,,,, got released. We are getting teen-agers.

Besides the current team, I am very thankful to those people who grounded the team’s childhood.

During the period spent with pp the company got into business. Marci created something outstanding in the procedures, Andi showed us some new possibilities in customer service, Bálint impressed us both in branding and in culture. Thanks guys!

In the last two years 7 people joined the company, who brought in new ambition and competence. Besides Drupal we also develop NodeJS, iPhone, and Android applications, and instead of outsourcing, we aim to find customers who we can work as a team with during the whole procedure, from the planning till the implementation.

We believe that beside competence, human factor is most determining in building trust. So we make much effort to choose our colleagues, our partners and customers really consciously.