Analysis of Audience Survey

for my macro project presentation in virtual reality

Nov 5 · 4 min read

My presentation Slide

Feels so grateful for my audiences’ reply to the project surveys, it’s inspiring to see the feedback for both of my presentations and works. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections from the survey:

These are like the general questions for my presentation skill, and ask if my audience can get my intense, understanding my current proposal and ideas or not. It’s a huge relief to see positive feedback for both questions; about 70% of my audience keen to try the experience when it completed, and others are somehow likely to play. It means the idea and visual outlet is intriguing and attractive for audiences, and I also have further interesting about if they are my imaginations of target audiences or not currently concerning the environmental issues.

There is some noticeable drop in the percentage of the audience feedback. It is an alert for me to more considering which concept I want my audience to perceive after the experience and how to reflect on my design in virtual reality. In my original setting, it is more likely a post-natural project to evoke the audience’s attention of environmental topics like wastes, conservations of the forest and animals, also climate change, and that’s why I want to integrate some artificial ruins in the virtual reality.

In these two questions, I put out a direct curiosity of the starting and end scene. I have no idea which scenes will be most fascinating for my audience, and I do get some new replies. Firstly I surprise that 57% of audiences didn’t like the idea to be drop-in a ruin citie in the first scene. That’s also a concern in my project cause the main idea is to provide an environment that audiences can observe the ecosystem of new creatures; the feedbacks are constructive for me to change some orders in my game. For the ending scene, there are three ideas I think I can adopt in my creature project: collapse and apocalypse, lab, and impactable warning. I think it will be pretty fun and impressive to build a human museum or labs to install and exhibit “human archeology” in the ending scene, and it requires more experiments and user tests in the future.

It’s so fun to see those interactions that audiences want to experience with the creatures, like touch and hug, pet or feed them or even catch them. The ideas went wild, then I expected for the question, which sounds attractive to training creatures like Pokemons, also though it is far from my original intense. Maybe I can add one kind of cute animal that can provide the user these kinds of experiences and interactions, more likely a future version of dogs or cats.

It’s a little bit embarrassing to see the misspellings feedbacks, and I should check every page before presentations. Except for that, the suggestions to add functions or patch, like exploring the city or enable players to switch scenes, both push me thinking around what functions players will expect to have in the game. I think it’s a great idea to have some user feedback on the starting points, and it helps the developer to adjust their pieces in each step.

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