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Integrating Research: New insight operations to increase impact and deliver products that matter. Presents a visual of the table of contents that follows, below.

Realized that we’re 1/3 of the way through my list of planned Medium articles, which I’m thinking to eventually edit into book form.

Table of contents with links to completed articles below.

More to come!
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Published + planned articles

Including links to completed posts:


A. Envisioning existing research at the center of product innovation

B. Turning up research communications

C. Normalizing research reuse to lay the groundwork for new operations


D. Improving upon existing research knowledge management practices

E. Establishing new tooling, systems, and programs to enhance research knowledge management

  • E1. Envisioning new knowledge management successes and outcomes
  • E2. Designing research system architectures and programs to achieve new knowledge management outcomes
  • E3. Growing buy-in for what new research repository programs will require, capture, store, and activate
  • E4. Driving research findability through primary research repository pivots and essential metadata
  • E5. Cultivating the growth of high quality insights in research repositories
  • E6. Pushing cross-study reporting from research repositories to build mindshare for crucial learning

F. Managing research in repositories as learning accrues and ages

  • F1. Clarifying related insights into a consensus view within a research repository
  • F2. Structuring emergent insight themes in research repositories to show the ‘forest’ and the ‘trees’
  • F3. Ranking insights in research repositories to surface what matters most
  • F4. Removing expired evidence from research repositories
  • F5. Archiving insights that are no longer applicable in research repositories
  • F6. Examining gaps in research repositories to inform research study roadmaps


G. Driving early adoption of repositories in product design processes

H. Onboarding all product people to repositories and their culture of research use

I. Expanding the integration of repositories into ongoing product planning

  • I1. Using research repositories to connect specific insights to more of the ‘right’ product teams
  • I2. Revisiting aggregated research when product leaders are actually thinking big about planning
  • I3. Integrating existing research into product teams’ ongoing backlog, prioritization, and road map process
  • I4. Tying research repositories into goal setting and reporting that product leadership are held accountable to

J. Tracking research progress toward product impact

  • J1. Tracking feature and service launches that were initiated based on research learning
  • J3. Tracking product team touch points with research repository contents
  • J2. Tracking the ‘distance’ of individual insights from product release
  • J4. Demonstrating individual researcher, team, and community impact in research repositories


K. Advocating for shifts in product direction based on accumulated research

  • K1. Challenging product teams’ ‘tunnel vision’ assumptions using research repositories
  • K2. Spotlighting crucial learning in research repositories to advocate for new vectors in product planning
  • K3. Alerting product leadership to harm and conflicting values documented in research repositories

L. Retooling product organizations based on accumulated research

  • L1. Institutionalizing new product success metrics based on learning in research repositories
  • L2. Identifying problematic root causes in product development based on learning in research repositories
  • L3. Driving new product teams and other organizational changes based on learning in research repositories

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Articles on research repositories and better integrating streams of research into product planning. Tech organizations are acting like labs without collective notebooks, unlocking only limited value from their research investments. Let’s get more done with research insights.

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