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Image of author. Accompanying text reads: Rosenfeld Workshop. March 30, 8:00am-4:00pm PT. Research Repositories that Deliver. With Jake Burghardt, Consultant and Writer, Integrating Research

It’s been two years since I started the Integrating Research Medium publication to share articles about research repositories and increasing the product impact of customer insights.

Since February 2021, the articles have evolved from longer pieces into a cumulative table of contents across a series of posts — and the project is set to evolve again.

I’m so thankful to readers who have dug in, shared their thoughts, and put the ideas to work!

Some highlights:

Up next, I’m pivoting into a couple of new directions — the first of which is a Rosenfeld workshop.

Advancing Research 2023 Workshop

I’m running a 1-day virtual workshop on March 30, 2023, 8:00 am-4:00 pm PT titled ‘Research Repositories that Deliver.’

The focus here is not on the most common question about repositories: “what tool should we use?” Instead, we’ll zoom out and cover background and exercises that will help define requirements that are grounded in the specific types of impact you want to increase:

UX research, data science, market research, and other insight-generators fuel decisions in today’s product organizations — yet their work is too often experienced as fleeting inspiration, when it could instead become durable shared knowledge. Leading firms are investing in knowledge management solutions for their lost research content, but new tools often fail to deliver on expectations.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the state of research knowledge management in tech, and dig into what success could look like beyond making assets findable, including: driving product goals, integrating into backlogs, initiating design concepts, and more. We’ll then unpack how to plan your next research repository effort based on the increased impacts you want to see.

Target audience

Similar to the Integrating Research articles:

Researcher leaders and repository managers who want to increase their organization’s use of under-utilized research, in order to better meet overall business goals and launch meaningful impacts for the people you’re striving to serve.

If you’re passionate about getting more done with existing research — and looking for collective ways forward — this workshop is for you.


During the day-long workshop, attendees will learn how to:

Knowing that expectations of a workshop on research repositories could vary widely, I’ve shared a fairly detailed agenda on the conference website, including these take-away artifacts:


It’s been exciting to see the sign ups coming in — and I hope that you’ll join us!

>> Register here

Discount code: BURGHARDT-AR2023 is good for US$75 off.

Hope to see you there!

Let’s connect

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[1] Though a member of the ResearchOps Community ‘cheese board,’ I will not be representing the ResearchOps Repository work stream during this workshop. Instead, this workshop will focus on topics from my writing at Selected references to outputs of the ResearchOps Repository work stream will include citations and links to learn more.



Articles on research repositories and better integrating streams of research into product planning. Tech organizations are acting like labs without collective notebooks, unlocking only limited value from their research investments. Let’s get more done with research insights.

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Jake Burghardt

Focused on integrating streams of customer-centered research and data analyses into product operations, plans, and designs.