Identifying future software pioneers for Integrify

A year ago the idea for Integrify was born: to teach motivated and skilled asylum seekers that have came to Finland to be coders and programmers to help them find jobs and get a shortcut with integrating in the society.

As a graduate from the pilot program, I have experienced the process and seen what it takes to be a successful candidate of Integrify.

Because of this, I was entrusted a very important role in Integrify 2.0: To identify and recruit those idle talents and get them in action.

Because of this, what I will do over the next 6 months is:

  1. Search and identify such talents from different asylum seeker communities in Finland, utilizing my own network as well.
  2. Execute new links to the program through the established social media and online asylum seekers pages/groups/forums/channels. These will include online groups such as Education and work in Finland that is devoted for asylum seekers looking for opportunities, as well as suomi ja pakolaiset for young refugees, and online forums such as In those channels and many others, I will actively participate with informing and educating the people about new opportunities in the society and get new motivated young individuals that are ready to start the program
  3. Analyze the received info and candidates data and pick the best talented immigrants who fit our criteria and are ready to start
  4. Interview and meet different immigrants & go through the program and present the idea and how it will benefit them with integration in a quicker way and getting in the Finnish job market. Also register all the participants in the Integrify participant system for further stages.

We will keep evaluating and improving the process along the way to get the best results possible — and I personally have great trust that with these solid steps we will be employing people through integrify in no time.

So, if you are an immigrant and are reading this — don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Eyas Taha
Project Coordinator