Why Should I Learn Coding?

You’re reading this sentence, so I think it’s fair to say that you’re at least a little but curious to understand what goes on behind the pixels that make up this screen.

The great news is that learning to code is easier than it’s ever been, and can take you to places you’d have never imagined.

Here’s a sort of ‘pick-and-mix’ of why you should start learning to code right away…


Coding allows you to take an idea and turn it into a tangible product, enabling you to pursue that most human of endeavours, creating value for others. Of course, you don’t *have* to know how to code to start an online business, but it certainly helps in the early stages if you can build your own products rather than relying on other people.

The greatest upside to entrepreneurship is that you’re in charge of your own destiny, not to mention the fact that you have an opportunity to create something of value — something that might leave the world just a little bit better than you found it.

It’s also worth mentioning that time spent looking for a technical co-founder can never be recovered, and few decent coders will work for equity when you have nothing more than an idea on the back of a napkin. By starting today, by definition you’ll be closer to your goal than you’ve ever been before.


Let’s say you want to create a niche website for fans of jazz metal. In order to meet your objectives, you have to break down the problem into smaller, separate stages, and attack each individually to reach your goal.

Learning to code will teach you to think logically and strategically. Over time, training your mind in this way will help to hone your critical thinking and help you to develop observational skills that can be applied in all areas of your life.

A computer will do exactly as it’s told, and nothing more. The computer won’t change its mind — even if you throw the monitor half way across the room! Once you’ve worked out the correct instructions to feed to it, and it does what you want, the feeling of euphoria is immense.

So remember, Stop — Think — Code — Repeat. The jazz metal fans will appreciate it.


The list of opportunities that coding skills can bring you is endless… Rather than explaining each in turn, I’ve curated a list for you.

Learning to code can give you… a higher wage, a new challenge, a role in an active community, your own website, a fulfilling career, valuable connections, your own business, an upper-hand in a competitive job market, tech knowledge, freelance work, the comfort of working from home, the opportunity to attend a hackathon as something more than a ‘Wantrepreneur’, the chance to create games people love, a chance to be ahead of the curve, the opportunity to create the next big thing, a hobby that can last a lifetime and last but definitely not least, a whole lot of fun.

Basically, it’s a gateway to changing your life in a positive way.


Programming literacy has become one of the hottest commodities in the labour market, and demand will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Coding is arguably the most valuable skill you can learn to secure yourself a successful career in the modern job-market.

Average Developer salaries are around 38,000 a year. Compare this to the average wage and you can see how lucrative a career in coding can be.

If it’s not the money you’re after then you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring and largest names in tech — some of the leading companies in Finland and the world today.

As you can see, learning to code could be one of the best decisions you ever made.

So why not start with us at www.integrify.fi

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