How do we help Content Creators?

Content Creators can utilize Integro’s LMRS to increase its total addressable market and earn passive income by

  • Direct Mining of IGRO Tokens. Content Creators are currently restricted to selling their content via very few marketplaces that unfairly take major part of the sales revenue. When content is uploaded on our platform, they will be able to directly mine IGRO tokens with the help of our Proof of Content algorithm; this will accelerate their revenue and adoption of our platform.
  • Access to Business to Business (B2B) Market. Presently courses of Content Creators are typically targeted towards the small Business-to-Consumer market (B2C). The Business-to-Business (B2B) market is the most lucrative, however, Content Creators are unable to find inroads because this market is highly monopolized and there are significant barriers to entry. On platform Content Creators will have direct access to the B2B market, which is currently nearly unreachable to them.
  • IGRO Token Incentives for Free Content. Content providers who wish to put content for free on the platform will be incentivized with tokens based on the number of views it receives and the value it adds — Content is King. More content will lead to more adoption of the platform.