How do we help Governments?

Implementing Integro’s LMRS: Working with Government of Arlington, Massachusetts

Governments can utilize Integro LMRS to solve various problems.

  • Impart Quality Education. Governments world over spend considerable resources including funds to fulfill their social responsibility of primary and secondary education, in some cases even higher education. However the bang for the buck spent is not achieved due to lack of quality teachers, teaching methods and material as also availability of quality content and its regular updating. platform can overcome all these lacunae with fraction of the existing expenditure being made. It can overcome the shortages of teachers by creating quality tutorials for easy and distance learning by students. The tutorials will have the best methods and material for pleasurable learning experience. It can host modern tools and practices for teachers to use in classrooms education. It can make available best educational contents to students at zero cost while rewarding them for learning.
  • Eradicate child labor. Governments in almost all of the developing countries spend a lot of their resources to eradicate child labor by creating laws and passing policies to make it illegal. These policy implementations account for a large part of the government expenses, which are often unsuccessful because the primary cause of child-labor is poverty. So instead of spending enormous amount of money for these failing policies Governments can instead use Integro’s LMRS to incentivize children by rewarding children for learning, rather than working. Which will always be foolproof.
  • Initiate countrywide skill development. The focus of Governments is also on development of skilled manpower. Skill Development Support modules on Integro’s platform with incentivized learning will ensure easy adoption and better employment opportunity. This way Governments can encourage citizens to develop a certain type of skill that the country needs the most.
  • Provide realtime scholarships. The Governments can use Integro’s LMRS to incentivize students for performing well in their studies. Traditionally scholarships are given to student after a year or based on historical performances. This leaves a lot students demotivated since they cant see the benefits of studying instantly. Integro’s LMRS will enable governments to offer these scholarships in realtime, which will keep many more students motivated to study harder.
  • Improve employment training. Governments spend a lot of money to purchase training courses from third party vendors, which employees have no motivation to complete. Integro’s marketplace will have many of these courses at a fraction of the cost and Integro’s reward system will incentivize employees to be engaged in trainings. The in depth performance data analytics powered with Artificial Intelligence will provide feedback to both learners and educators to improve learning effectiveness.
  • Governments can earn big. Governments that partner with Integro will benefit by earning cryptocurrencies for supporting the adoption of the LMRS platform. The associated partnership will allow strengthening the Integro’s Decentralized Application Layer (iDAL) protocol, which will be used by a lot many blockchain projects to run their application.