How do we help Institutes?

Institutes can utilize Integro LMRS to improve multiple aspects of educational management.

Real users of Integro’s LMRS at North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Create examinations and training programs with key analytics. Instant analytics allows the formation of feedback-loop for the learners; they will be able to analyze their own performance to understand their strength and weaknesses and improve their skills. The data collected will help educator as well as learner understand where they would need to improve. Educators will be able to see key data which will help reshape and improve the how the information is conveyed. Our LMRS is powered with cutting-edge analytics provided by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Access to content. Institutes will also get access to world-class content and published content, which will reduce cost to the institutes and also the students. Institutes will also be able to retain and manage the intellectual property, research papers and publications that their instructors and students have created over the years.
  • Manage scholarships in real-time. Each learner will be rewarded based on their performance in real-time encouraging them to go above and beyond. Educators can also reward students based on their performance, creating a competitive environment for students where they would feel rewarded for putting in effort.
  • Increase student motivation and engagement with real-time feedback. Integro provides thorough feedback through the data it collects and informs the students as well as the educators of their shortcomings helping them understand what they need to focus on and where they need to improve. Educators will be able to view and compare each student in class to truly understand where each student stands and how they can help get all the students at the same level.