How do we help Organizations?

Organizations can utilize Integro LMRS for increasing efficiency in management.

  • Conveniently and effectively manage contents. Often times the educational and training content management in an organization is major cause of concern. There isn’t a single place where everything is store and organized. Information gets lost in emails, and when you really need it you have to waste lot of time before finding what you need. Integro makes it extremely easy to organize all the content into one place easily accessible by everyone when needed. Integro Platform makes storage, transfer, and delivery of contents easier.
  • Easy conduct of Mandatory HR, compliance, sexual harassment problem training. Enterprises pay a lot of money to third party vendors for mandatory courses that are mostly played in the background so its marked completed. Integro’s marketplace has various courses on extremely cost-effective basis that include interactions ensuring content is actually being taught. Enterprises can more easily engage with employee training using Integro’s reward system.
  • Encourage inter-departmental training Integro makes it very easy to create your own courses that can help one department convey their information in a useful and effective manner to another department. Overall, organizations will benefit by improving internal training and therefore increasing innovation within the company.