Businesses can utilize white-labels of Integro’s LMRS to build their own brand.

  • Build their own brand. Businesses will be able to launch Integro.io Learning Management and Reward System with their own brand name on it, without having to run and manage their own infrastructure; it will run on Integro’s infrastructure. This will help organizations and training institutes stand out when interacting with their clients.
  • They will also be able to use their own branded tokens, Ether (ETH), IGRO or any other tokens of their choice as part of the reward system to incentivize and encourage learning.
  • The white-label functionality will be open to organizations and institutes that stake the required number of tokens. It is important to note that organizations with white-label will continue to need IGRO tokens for student/employee enrollments, which maintains the demand for the IGRO tokens.
  • We foresee that this is going to add immense business value and also add many potential users on the Integro’s platform.
  • Organizations and Institutes may not always have to pay in whole for running their Learning Management and Reward System, if they are offering their private content to the network for use and benefit of the community. Such contribution only makes the community stronger and help increase platform’s adoption.