Master Nodes

Learning Management and Reward system is something everyone needs. Academic institutions, universities, schools and organizations pay enormous sum of money to use a platform for Learning Management.

Many of these large Universities, Schools, Organizations and Governments already build their own in-house services because they have enough users to take advantage of economy of scale and not have to pay per user to any third party organizations, which is often expensive.

Master nodes enable possibility for these stakeholders to create their own infrastructure; which will allow them to enroll their learners at no cost and yet get the benefit of the ecosystem of Integro. The benefits include access to a world class Learning Management and Reward System (LMRS), content uploaded on Integro’s network, access to content creators, recruitment portal, many more.

Master nodes also give an opportunity for any IGRO token holder to stake their tokens towards them. People who stake their tokens will benefit by receiving IGRO as tokens incentives from the Integro foundation. Distributed tokens will be as a ratio of staked tokens and IGRO earned by the foundation. Masternode towards which the IGRO tokens are staked will also receive incentives. This will incentivize Masternodes to promote the Integro network.

Masternodes that are launched will ultimately be part of the Integro’s Protocol for Decentralized Application Layer, which will allow for many more projects to be launched, and thereby increase demand for the IGRO tokens.