Private nodes

Integro’s Learning Management and Reward System is used by Governments, Financial institutes and Research Organizations.

It is heavily used by these organizations for effectively managing their private contents, conducting internal training and knowledge transfer.

These organizations deal with a lot of high secured data and would pay a lot of money to host in a highly secured and an encrypted environment.

Private nodes provides these organizations the ability to host their own secured data in their own infrastrucutre with encryption enabled. They are able to apply their own encyrption to better protect their data.

To launch a private node, organizations will need to stake IGRO tokens for a minimum of one year. Staked tokens will be verified with the help of the Proof of Stake algorithm. Organizations can pull out their staked IGRO tokens to sell it back to the market if they wish to discontinue the service or they can hold them for continued service.

The benefit of staking tokens for the private nodes is that the organization will not have to pay per user on a recurring basis. Also these staked tokens reduce the supply of available tokens thus helping increase the relative demand.