Exploring the Next Generation of Deep Learning

Highlights from the #DevToolsChat Twitter Chat

In a follow-up to one of the year’s most popular Code Together podcasts, Igniting the Next Generation of Deep Learning, Intel and Google hosted the first #DevToolsChat, which expanded on the topics explored in this earlier podcast. Special guests included team members from Google TensorFlow, TensorFlow MLIR, Google Health (DeepVariant), Google Cloud (Deep Learning VM), Intel AI and Intel Labs. Nearly 35 people participated. Check out the highlights below — and stay tuned at @IntelDevTools for our next #DevToolsChat!

Q1: How are you using machine learning? What kinds of datasets are you using?

Q2: How are Intel and Google collaborating to enable the next generation of deep learning?

Q3: What is oneDNN, and how is it being used to optimize TensorFlow?

Q4: How does TensorFlow take advantage of new hardware features?

Q5: What is DeepVariant and how does it leverage deep learning?

Q6: How does Google Cloud ensure the best environment for TensorFlow and its ecosystem?

Q7: What is MLIR? How do you expect MLIR to be integrated with Intel’s technology?

Q8: What projects are you currently collaborating on? What’s next?

Q9: Who else is using Intel-optimized TensorFlow?

Q10: What is the best way for developers to get started with Intel-optimized TensorFlow?




Better Insights Faster: Big Data Driving AI

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Nicole Huesman

Marketing & Community Strategist, Intel

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