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How to put your Python skills to work in AI

Author: Raymond Lo, AI Software Evangelist

AI Devs are Building the Future

Left: Monocular Depth Estimation | Right: Live Inference and Segmentation
  1. You made the smart move and learned Python, but technology evolves quickly. By completing this challenge, you will sharpen your skills for the latest applications of AI in the job market.
  2. The certification course you’ll complete as part of the challenge equips you with the right tools and puts your skills to work with real-world examples through hands-on labs.
  3. You’re a programmer because you like solving problems. With training in the latest Intel® developer tools and platforms, you’ll be ready to address some of the biggest challenges your employer and customers face.
  4. No matter what stage of your career, adding AI skills to your resume can help keep you moving ahead in a competitive and constantly evolving economic environment.
  5. AND — by completing the 30-Day AI Dev Challenge you can earn a chance to win a fully loaded gaming laptop and other prizes.

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